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36 thoughts on “What’s the Best Knife for Self-Defense? | Knives

  1. rollo clevich says:

    Who is it who gives these knife fighting classes? The only proven knife combat experts are some guys who have spent years in maximum security prisons. LEOs and military don't engage in knife combat except for some very rare situations. So where do you go to find these knife fighting "experts" who will teach you how to defend yourself with a knife and how do you know they aren't just con artists who are simply making stuff up?

  2. Johnny Walker says:

    fox 599 karambit if you're looking for a self defense only pocket knife. I'm trained in judo, so instead of grabbing their head/neck/shoulder with my off hand, I just jab the karambit in there instead and continue with the throw putting all their weight on the knife's edge instead of my hand.

  3. walking back81 says:

    Well the best kind of video to watch so you can find out the best Knife for a self defense situation is, a video that actually has a list of Best Self Defense Knives and why they are good, and why they're are the list in the first place!! This video didn't show us ANYTHING that we didn't already know!!

  4. knives are cool says:

    don't tell a police your using a knife for self defense in mind it's a tool for cutting boxes etc. even if your state is legal to carry the cups can harass you if they see it as long as you say you use your knife for apples and cutting boxes they will leave you alone if you say it's self defense they will see it as a weapon and can confiscated from you

  5. DS Brown says:

    With all due respect, I don't like the whole idea of "just run" and "unless you've taken classes, a knife won't do you any good". While there are elements of truth to those statements, the same can be said (and often is said about a gun). But there are also basic tactics one can be prepared for that don't take years and years of classes and training. Shoved up against a wall? A quick deploy with a disorienting jab to the hip, for an example can get you OUT of a circumstance. As one who has been the victim of armed robbery. Sometimes you CAN'T "run". Also, sometimes the only chance you have AT running is a quick non-fatal use of a knife. Sorry, but I'm calling "bad advice" on that one. The world we live in would like to make us all into helpless sitting ducks. Don't fall for it. Self defense is not rocket science. Basic skills can be quickly learned and save your life (and the lives of others).
     Get armed and be prepared.

  6. ChrisC30 says:

    I agree completely. The knife you're going to defend yourself with is the knife that is on you at the time. So, find one that you feel comfortable carrying, and handling. If that is a big bowie style knife, go for it. If it's something you clip in your pocket, fine, too. The important thing is, you're the one who's using it, so you have to know how to handle it, and do so confidently. Take classes if you can. Know your blade.

  7. Rb889 says:

    Oh, and also, for the uninformed, MOST cases of self-defense happen within twenty to forty feet. Beyond that, you're getting into lawyer territory, where they can and will argue that your life was not in danger, and are therefore a criminal.

    If you had to stab an attacker to defend yourself, they can't argue that you gunned them down and weren't under threat. But it also invites all kinds of other scrutiny. Before you invest in any weapon, read up on SD cases and how to walk away from them.

  8. Rb889 says:

    Dead Moron #3;

    Yes, a gun is far better as a self-defense weapon. The difference?

    A knife can be used for things other than killing, as it is a utility tool that makes a good makeshift weapon.

    And before you say anything about a knife being worthless in a gunfight,

    A knife is THE deadliest weapon within 21 feet. All LEOs are taught this, 'cuz a guy with a knife within that range can kill you before you draw your sidearm.

    Ps: Bullets don't always stop an attacker. Go watch the videos on it.

  9. Rb889 says:

    Dear Moron #2;

    You would call every single member of Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, construction workers, AND the Military a coward? A knife isn't a weapon, it is a tool, unless used as such.

    Besides, you'd say that using a gun is less cowardly than a knife? What kind of logic is that? It takes no intimate knowledge of someone to shoot them. If you kill someone with a knife, you have to watch their face as they die. No coward is willing to see that.

    And yes, you're right about the video.

  10. Rb889 says:

    Dear Moron #1;

    I carry a knife everyday, for everything from utility use and work in construction, as well as a viable self-defense option. A knife is THE most versatile tool in the world, for everything from cutting and chiseling to prying and hammering.

    People don't get killed for carrying any kind of weapon, they get killed because someone else does something stupid and/or illegal.

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