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We ran into John Grimsmo of Grimsmo Knives at Blade Show 2019 and asked him to do a pocket dump. This is his everyday carry: – Grimsmo Norseman …

33 thoughts on “What's in John Grimsmo's Pockets? | Grimsmo Knives

  1. Michael Harris says:

    This is an example of a real pocket dump. When you walk up to someone and say what's in your pocket! And they are ready for what they're life has for them. Well done, "Carry On!

  2. Randall Kelley says:

    Now U gunna see 500 people order a Promethius light. Aha, I got mine 4 years ago, good light, perfect circle of light! But me, I really like the copper pocket/key chain light they make, very cool…

  3. Robert Douglas says:

    Just to add, Shift worker, a janitor, had a great many jobs in my time, close to retirement, Been extremely poor once in a while, extremely rich too, Money is not everything though, if your not happy, love collecting, but not at the expense of groceries, paying the bills, taking care of business. Had a great many high end jobs too, but that's only a matter of perspective, As an ol fella, digging living, keeping it real.

  4. Robert Douglas says:

    Know what, never held a blade of your making in my hand yet, may never, due to cost, firm believer that you get what you pay for though. If I do decide to buy one in future it will be based on quality of what you produce, and the people I have spoken to , whose opinions I trust. Never the less, keep up the good work, perhaps in the future I will purchase, and actually use, it would be a shame not to actually use a blade for fear of damage, used to own Martin guitars, afraid to play, because they were so high end, Being practical important to me, Looking forward to all your new stuff, Good work, Gentleman.

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