What To Put In A Primitive Bushcraft Kit

This is a look at my Semi-Primitive Bushcraft Kit. This bushcraft kit is a kit I take out for short trips to the woods to practice my bushcraft skills. Not something that I …

24 thoughts on “What To Put In A Primitive Bushcraft Kit

  1. ntvrthmn says:

    This is the first of your videos I've seen. Rather than write repeat comments I "liked" some of those below. Your kit has 4 of the 5 C's…All you lack is Cover…you have container, combustion, cutter, and cordage. Even painter's drop cloths can be used. I use trash bags or cheap plastic from the dollar stores. Try making a real primitive kit, lots of fun. Good video, I'll watch the rest.

  2. oldigger says:

    Good video!  Takes me back a few years!  I used to use tin cans for billy cans too (a lot cheaper than the store bought variety and they boiled water just as well as my current Zebra, even if they weren't as durable).  However, it sounded as though you were filming at the end of one of the airport runways?

  3. NaveganteBOG says:

    As a seaman I learned to sew, so I could repair the sails of my sailboat, and for me it has become very handy for other things too. Great kit you have there. I'd just add a roll of tape. You never know when you might need it. And some band-aids, too.

  4. Ready 4 Life says:

    Good video. I would add a bandanna. Manny uses, prefiltering water before boiling, char cloth, bandage compress, head cover, wash cloth and so many others. I don't go I'm the woods without one.

  5. Artex2013 says:

    I love these funny little skits you put on.
    Very entertaining!
    I'm going to watch them all and see what happens to the wacky "outdoorsmen" in his next zany "situation" and how his little bag of "survival" trinkets foul his plan…
    Great stuff! Keep it up!
    Very funny!

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