What To Pack In A Survival Kit

This is a look at what I believe is the minimum amount of survival gear that should be in a Survival Kit. This is what I carry with me when I go out on day hikes and …

41 thoughts on “What To Pack In A Survival Kit

  1. unitedwestand says:

    I just came across your video. Good set of items in your bag. Maxpedition always makes quality products and for a day hike, great bag. However, from my experience, I no longer use sling bags. Although you may not feel it right away, carrying so many items or too much weight can definitely take a toll on your shoulder and make it soar especially if you are out for a few hours. You always have great videos and I enjoy watching them. Just thought I would share my experience with the sling bag.

  2. jelkel25 says:

    Outside of clothing to suit the season/environment (water proof coat, hats ect.) it's pretty much all there. I like a brew kit so a metal cup, small light stove stand, a few hexi blocks (double as fire starters) and the caffeine or hot chocolate of your choice. The advantage of a brew kit is you have to stop to make it and it gives you time and an energy boost if you've become ''directionally challenged'' and a little frustrated. Those smaller tarps are great on day hikes even if there's no emergency, I've hung them in tree branches during rain (you could create shade too) to create cover, they're a multi use sit mat and can be used as a sack for some gathering, great little things!

  3. michaelscoofield says:

    Hi JJ. Nice kit. The shelter, fire, water, food, navigation , signalization, knife and 1st aid is covered. Are you bringing also some emergency communication? I prefer to teach to use cell phone or HF 2-way or VHF/UHF 2-way or sat comm or air craft /air force emergency frequency beacon at least for long range missions… Thanks MS

  4. Charlene Irwin says:

    some people think they can take any kind of knife that's not true number one make sure your knife don't get rusted overtime make sure that it can be able to cut not dull when you cutting through meat and fur and Bone

  5. 124moviesiwatch says:

    Nicely done video. The green screen work you did was good. I think that I would add some bug repellent and some sun screen. Even on a short hike mosquitoes can be a nuisance and the sun can fry you in short order. Nice load out for a little bag. Thank you for sharing. 

  6. Loong97 says:

    Nice video, I liked this video with your family background image and table set up. You are paying a lot of attention of preparing it. It's because the viewers needed to trust your knowledge.

  7. George Wamser says:

    No complaints on your program or gear, just a couple suggestions; more emphasis on clean water procurement, and more "energy bars"…from personal experience I can tell you that you never can hydrate enough. And although you won't starve, everything including morale is easier with some grub. I spend a great deal of time in real wilderness and my chief use for the GPS is that with USGS terrain maps inside, I can look beyond my immediate area, over hills and beyond to find water, roads etc. saves me a lot of vital energy physically checking them out. Climbing a hill to look over it…and so on. Fishing kit? Bug head-net? 

  8. Jacob Young says:

    I agree with M.Peek, very professionally handled. Both in etiquette AND knowledge…Definitely worth subscribing to….Youtube can be quite a brain-drainer but there ARE people out there (such as yourself) that totally redeem my faith in educational videos….Thanks for the great tutorial(s)

  9. Mathew Peek says:

    Hey brother. I was just letting you know I am subscribing to your channel. 1. Mainly because I like your videos and 2. Because I saw how you responded to that marine…with respect even though you disagreed.. that speaks volumes.. good stuff man! Keep up the videos and thanks for giving me a little more faith in humanity lol

  10. Free Slave says:

    Just saw your comment about map and compass vs gps and i have to agree with you. Im in the canadian forces and even though we carry gps we hardly use them except for like you said to enter the odd grid. Primarily we goto the map for quick reference and wider view at a glance.
    Just found your channel, loving it, keep it up

  11. Levi Madden says:

    i would much rather see a flashlight instead of a glowstick and a bit more fire related items(don't rough it til you have to) also some water purification items, don't need the batteries for anything anyway.

  12. jugernautmitch says:

    I'm sorry but saying you're going to your GPS last is just arrogant. It's nothing more than 'I'm too cool for the easy method' bullshit. I'm sorry, but if I have a bic lighter in one pocket and a fire steel in the other and I need to make a fire, I'm going to use the easiest method…the lighter. I guarantee that if you you were ever truly lost somewhere, you'd be all over that GPS like stink on a monkey.

  13. White Resin says:

    Great vid im subing. Pleas check out my Raiders of the Apocalypse vid I need feedback cause its a joke but may be offensive to preppers. Just Canadian hummer. Keep up the great work.

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