What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong | Krav Maga

You can’t deescalate. You can’t run. You’ve missed the bus on preemptive striking. What do you do? In this Krav Maga video, Ryan Hoover talks about how …

28 thoughts on “What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong | Krav Maga

  1. Richie Ingpiece says:

    …I dunno about this…how many people can HONESTLY say that they "retain control of their higher functions" during a fight? In other words, how many people could ACTUALLY put into practice the "theory" the guy in the vid shows us? "Instinct" kicks in immediately, doesn't it? You try to wrestle the guy to the ground, and hoof him in the bollocks or head, right? Then run away…

  2. Jude Robinson says:

    the take away for me is: krav maga is gay and will get you beat up unless you are bigger stronger and faster and the opponent has no training, in which case you don't need krav maga you can just kick their ass. lol

  3. Jude Robinson says:

    when you check his clavical, trust me his left arm doesn't just hang limp while you punch his face. frickin ridiculous. i do like that he says running away is yur best option. based on what was shown in this video, running away is that guys only option. the "technique" he showed is quite frankly nonsense. in a real fight the skinny guy gets raped by the gorrila unless he has something more to offer than this garbage. if you doubt, just watch the video again with this in mind. it's plain to see.

  4. Michael Harris says:

    I think that it should be noted that, though this technique can work and is one of those 'something's better than nothing' techniques, a tackle is something that most everyone can actually do, especially since wrestling and football are taught at the majority of schools (in the USA that is.)

    That being the case, a simple arm block like this will rarely ever stop the person, but if you use it to deflect their momentum so you can move laterally, it should give you enough time to run away.

    I think this arm stop should be viewed in a similar way to a check kick. It's not going to stop the person, but it'll slow them down for a split second, and that's all you need.

  5. friggen bozo says:

    dont friggen do this. He put his arm in the way while turning to the right, he started the momentum for his own tackle. If your in trouble, do whatever you have to do to make distance, then quickly start going around the person to the right.

  6. Jaga says:

    If someone is charging forward at you with there head low and knees bent pushing down the back of their head straight down with both hands and sprawling if they get close will cause them to lose their balance and from there you can knee the shit out of the top of their head causing brain damage and the ability for you to getaway if you are comfortable with grappling mind you internet trolls

  7. Red5x5x5 says:

    First time I've ever seen someone trying to punch across their own arm. Is that really effective? Kinda looks like it would be awkward to pull off. Not calling anyone a liar, I'm just wondering if it works.

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