What to do if you are Followed by Someone – Women Self Defense

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  1. kanjida rolgih says:

    Today i was out with my parents and my younger brother in a busy market and i felt something touching my butt, but i ignored it because it was a busy place and someones bag might have touched it by accident. A few minutes later it happened again as i was walking behind my family so they didnt know. I turned around and saw a man dressed in white with blue diamond earrings. He was pretending to look around. I kept on walking and noticed that the man kept walking behind me. I then tried to ask my mother questions about the ice cream shop we were going to to see how he would react. I kept on walking intil we reached a road crossing. There was a crowd of people there waiting to cross the road and the man in white still wouldnt go away. Whenever we stopped, he stopped. We then went inside the dessert shop and the man in white came too. My parents were looking for seats and the man pinched my butt. I screamed and told my parents. My parents then confronted him and he said his phone 'accidently' hit me. My parents did not believe him because they know i never lie and i am 13 years old and have never experienced this before. The man also said that he was only here for some ice cream and that i was like a daughter to him. My mother was not convinced because he was chewing on a paan so there was no reason for him to enter the ice cream shop. We sat down and watched the man, who was now awkwardly trying to prove that he did not follow me and he did not leave for the next 10 minutes. He then very obviously faked a phone call and left the shop with and extra small cup of vanilla ice cream. My father was very upset and did not say a word for the rest of the evening. What should I have done in this situation?? 🙁

  2. Pumpkin says:

    Was followed by a guy for days. I told him to leave me alone then he assaulted me, beat me up pretty good. He only got a 1yr in prison with some probation. I've learned to always take those situations very seriously and be assertive when you tell them to leave you alone. They always want to make you feel awkward like you're being crazy or joking but.

  3. joe doe says:

    What if they are asking for directions or he lost his knife sharpener? What if he is an undercover cop and you look like a suspect and then you kick him in the no no spot……there are so many senarios…..

  4. degurkin says:

    My mother was once pursued by 3 guys
    long story short she broke one guys arm and the other guys nose and then the third guy ran off with the other 2 :'D
    Don't fuck with my mom

  5. Pets17 says:

    i got followed by someone a couple days ago , i am still kind of shocked at how i reacted, i keep on walking/speed walking away from the guy ( I am 5'9 foot and a female) this guy must have been about 6 foot and i completely went into my panic mod but luckily in the moment i was smart enough to pretend to call someone and tell them " yeah, i will be there in a couple of minutes" and it worked, lucky me the guy turned and walked away in the opposite direction.But i still think my best opinion would have been to confront him because the only reason i think he did not try anything was because i was on the side of the pavement that had houses next to it (not on the other side of the road that had a large grass/hill area.This happened at 10.30am, which kind of caught me of guard but i am still very shocked at what me reaction was and i am hoping to change my nature response for the future because as i said, i think the only reason the guy didnt try something was because he did not have the opportunity to, i hate to think what would have happened if i would have kept walking and gotten to a place were he thought he had a chance at doing something and getting away with it.

  6. Ethan Chaney says:

    One time me and my friend left a football game and I forgot my bag at a park we were at for a bit. I had my bike and they were walking. I biked to it and was coming up and these three chicks walked out of their cat to go into the park and I felt so creepy bc I had to get off of my bike and walk up close to them bc they were next to my bag. Whe I picked it up they saw I was just getting it and we all laughed. It was a fun experience. Yeah then I biked away. The moral of the story is, there isn't one. I just thought it was funny.

  7. Ralph Miranda says:

    Thanks for this important video, I forwarded it around. Any tips for kids? —especially in a possible kidnapping scenario with the preemptive understanding that parents must reinforce awareness with their kids. Kids think they'll do all sorts of movie ninja moves and as a parent that's seen a lot of things it's a little disconcerting to watch my kids describe the fantastic things they think they're going to do if some guy grabs them.

    Thank you.

  8. mixwell1983 says:

    Theres a firearm related channel called active self protection where he says the same thing, situational awareness. His videos show actual encounters and he does a play by play. Not just empty handed combat but firearm self defense as well as empty handed combat

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