What To Do if a Big Guy Wants to Fight You!

Learn Self-Defense Today: ▻ If a big guy wants to fight you, you need to go pre-emptive. You need to strike first.

35 thoughts on “What To Do if a Big Guy Wants to Fight You!

  1. arwhentruelove says:

    If you are short OR tall depends on how you will defend …..BREAK HIS KNEECAP.. his forward leg…… he cant chase you if he cant walk…just snap it ..as hard as you can …side kick… (I am 5'1' and a woman..)

  2. Fukyu All says:

    Preemptive is the way to go guys, He knows what he's talking about. Most of the people you are going to fight never took a punch to face. Once you strike first you set the tone. And remember it's a fight. The guy wants to harm you, don't feel bad catching him off his guard. It's a fight nothing's fair.

  3. The Explorer says:

    Good vid. I wish this clip was around when I was bullied in hs (2006-2007), sadly YT was in its infancy by then and no defense vids were on. If anyone is getting picked on, take notes from these clips and join a class because bullies target 'weak, lone, people'. Always fight back!

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