What Throwing Knives NOT to buy/Kunai ANNILATION

Cold Steel Shangai Shadow (Kunai) Flying Steel Kunai

43 thoughts on “What Throwing Knives NOT to buy/Kunai ANNILATION

  1. Alexis Roanoa says:

    I find it irrelevant that the kunai's original purpose as a tool was for digging, if you can throw it and its effective, and repeatable, its orginal purpose/intention is inconsequential. If you have a kunai thats not cheap, forged properly from the right material, then throwing it shouldnt be an issue as he blatantly demonstrated its possible to throw a shitty one and still make it stick. kunai make for great throwing utensils, if they're made correctly. Its not anime/movie magic, shinobi really used these as throwing knives. Just dont but shitty knives.

  2. DDC ll says:

    most of the time people in naruto use kunai as a close range weapon anyways, so i think you need to give kunai a little more credit. that hole is very useful for changing grips in combat and for attaching string or wire for utility

  3. Joe Nugent says:

    an authentic kunai is meant for digging and can be thrown well with no rotation. as a bladesmith i recommend casting them. but you're correct, the movie versions are crap. Gray vid

  4. kamikaze00007 says:

    I agree with not buying those kind of so-called kunai for throwing. While there are indeed genuine flat-bladed kunai, a real kunai ISN'T meant for throwing, nor is it flat-headed. A real kunai has a head that's preferably shaped like a long diamond made of steel or iron (most anime show this type for anime-watchers), has no sharp edges, but has a sharpened tip as it's meant to be used for thrusting or as a climbing tool. It's not meant to be thrown, shurikens are meant for that purpose. The ring at the bottom isn't meant for throwing balance or tassels, but for grip (when in a melee) and for portability when carrying by tying a bunch using a rope since during the time they were used you wouldn't find people carrying such sharp-tipped things inside cloth pouches or inside a kimono/gi which would be dangerous. They would hang on rope belts like a gun would hang on a holster but is instead roped through those holes. Many people mistake kunai nowadays as throwing weapons which really is wrong. You would throw shuriken from afar, and engage with a kunai as your knife up close since the people who mostly used kunai are not of the Bushi or Warrior caste, they had to improvise with a metallic hand-held weapon able to block a sword or a short sword.

  5. Capitan Suzy says:

    Alright, FIRST! Your your throwing them totally wrong, the only situation where you would throw a kunai over your shoulder is if you have an attachment! Second, kunai are not ment to be reused! Historically kunai are supposed to be thrown once! Kunai have not aged well, they are not really made for use after the nineteenth century. And that hole on big kunai is for attaching rope for traps and stuff, the hole on the small kunai are for attaching line or string for fishing (which was never really popular in japan)

  6. Lester gauthier says:

    Finally an expert shows the world Kunai are made as garden tools not weapons. same for gama and and nunchaku they are farm tools not weapons. shuriken are weapons but not deadly.shuriken were designed as non lethal distractions. Arrows = lethal. shuriken = distractions. Simple as that

  7. shawn kelley says:

    I believe that you have a sound opinion on the throwing balance of kunai. But as far as the breakable/brittleness is an issue of heat treat and steel choice by the manufacturers. You do mention custom makers, who can control and heat treat with the intent for throwing.

  8. Wise Al says:

    I've learned – no SOG & no United Cutlery, but I do have a set of Hibben knives Steven Segal (sic) used in the boat movie.  Your info was great so I'll get rid of them.  On the other hand, please get a landscaper for your yard.  Put the target in a back corner hidden by shrubs.  Also, I'm 70 & bald, let your hair grow while you can still enjoy it.  Keep sharp!

  9. Kevin Hillman says:

    You know maybe if you didn't yank the knife out like that it would not break. Also, try not throwing them as hard as you can at a solid log. When you pull it out maneuver up and down I have seen other knife throwers do that and they work fine and stick great.

  10. Kevlarr The Barbarian says:

    I use the cold steel knives attached to a rope as a kunai replacement, and have broken both of them! One broke when I hit a wine bottle full of water and the other broke when I hit a bookshelf. The rope must add some serious power as cold steel products usually last a long time. I can't image a crappy kunai on a rope, would probably break first hit. Poor Naruto fans!

  11. kristopher cone says:

    I know you were just trying to highlight a point but as an anime fan I'd say if you know anything about knife throwing then you already know about how much kunai suck as throwers they just look cool.

  12. Glockg23 says:

    I liked your video, but who the hell puts side loads on a throwing knive? Scenario using whatever UC thrower at the end of this video. So after you throw the knife do you walk up to the guy you stuck and then you use a sharp right angle to remove the knife?
    idk about you, but that seems FULL THROTTLE RETARDED to me.
    maybe stick to reviews about how well the knife throws.
    Plus as an added bonus stick to videos where you do NOT have to right angle the knife to remove it

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