What Should YOU Never DO Before Street Fight

In Self Defence what you should NEVER Do to protect yourself in a street fight. Here are a fighting tips that will help you in defend yourself against a bad guy …

22 thoughts on “What Should YOU Never DO Before Street Fight

  1. Paul Belcher says:

    My old man (ex parachute regiment, 91 years young now) said "there's no rules in street fighting, pick anything up you can and beat the bastard half to death"
    No queensbury rules outside the kebab shop on a saturday night!!!

  2. The Unfadeable says:

    This is all pretty good advice. Obviously you should try to deescalate but if it looks like the attacker wants trouble don't be afraid to attack first. Being on offense is always safer than being on defense.

  3. Shamdy Crook says:

    Ya lost me at 4:38 … "The Proud Boys" were a drinking order until the ultra left wing (Nazi book burners) AntiFa started beating on Christians. Proud Boys started protecting peaceful Americans im the street.

  4. Mark Fischer says:

    If you're in the United States pull out your gun and aim it at him. If he makes one move towards you pull the trigger. Shoot first and ask questions later. In the United States it is your legal right to stand your ground and if you feel threatened and have no other clear way to escape you have a legal right to shoot to kill. The inalienable right to life means the right to protect your life any way you have to.

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