What 'SELF DEFENSE' Gurus DON'T Teach ! Lessons From the STREET!



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8 thoughts on “What 'SELF DEFENSE' Gurus DON'T Teach ! Lessons From the STREET!

  1. teerit keaw says:

    I have been follow you chanel for long time your teaching is very useful if the learners understand what is the key point of what are you try to teach them such as technique and mindset. the respect form Thailand.

  2. kettlebells 123456 says:

    That's probably one of if not the best tips or things you can do unless your the one attacking someone of course. If you don't make any noise much less chance of anyone knowing you're in trouble and getting any help

  3. Ignacio TROUBLE Ramos says:

    If Someone Were To Jump Out Of The Bushes Says Give King Kong Your Money And I Say I'm Godzilla I'm Taking This Fight To Hell And Back And Back Again Only One Of Us Is Coming Back Guess What It Ain't Going To Be The Stupid Monkey

  4. Jason howe says:

    I find the only way to apply what you learn in the martial arts Dojo and have it to apply it for street use is use it in the street to see what works and doesn't function as well in the public as 90% of what is taught is useless in the street because most if what is taught is 1 on 1 combat not 1 on many combat and what is applicable under the rules and laws of sport is not as usable on the street..

    this is why i have to laugh staged things for mags thet typically don't function to well in the strett.

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