What Makes a Good Tactical or Combat Knife?

This video is going to explain what makes a good combat or tactical knife with a little pork and jean demonstration. DISCLAIMER: I do not own this video, …

3 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Tactical or Combat Knife?

  1. toddy2519 says:

    Great video!
    I have that exact same jacket from North Face!!! Got it in the mid-1970's to Alpine ski in Vermont…superb protection and warmth…and expensive even back then!!! :o)

  2. yeshuaservant7 says:

    You would do well to inform your viewers–that a LINER LOCK is the strongest type of blade lock for a folding knife (and show them what it looks like), and to stress that a strong blade lock is important, in order to keep the bade from folding back on your hand (severing your fingers). Overall, good video.

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