What Makes A Good Fighting Knife



Fixed blade and at least 5 inches of blade length.

19 thoughts on “What Makes A Good Fighting Knife

  1. 1911jt says:

    Another good video. I agree about the KaBar blades. I have a USMC issue KaBar given to me by a Marine. It's one of those things like my Yugo AK under folder that's not for sale or trade.

  2. PowerMadHeadBanger says:

    I have martial arts training with blades and I can tell you are right about everything you said. The grand master in my martial talked once about the ideal fighting knife. A bowie, about 13 inches overall length with 4 mm blade thickness being single edge for better edge geometry. The only thing I would like to point out is that the options you shown are good for home defense but not for EDC. For something that can be carried in the street I think folders work the best.

  3. Ogrematic says:

    Love my Cold Steel Recon Tanto. Had it since 1995. A few others, too. And a couple Ka-bars. Great knives. Great, simple, to-the-point video. In karate we learned to defend, acquire and employ knife and stick because we would most likely encounter knife and stick.

  4. William McCaslin says:

    SRK is my go to woods knife, but depending on what I'm doing, I also have the C S RECON, an I have K- bars, an Ontario' " QUARTERMASTER, all in 1095 carbon steel, my go to steel for all my big blades.

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