What It Takes To Earn A Black Belt 🥋



Check out this Karate black belt grading in the traditional dojo (martial arts center) of Jesse Enkamp, a.k.a. “The Karate Nerd”. Two young fighters demonstrate …

23 thoughts on “What It Takes To Earn A Black Belt 🥋

  1. Cay Miller says:

    I do bjj in my school you have to been doing bjj about 8 years to 14 years or longer and have a basic understanding all the basic control and different submissive escapes and be able to coach bjj to name a few than after you got all this down than you get your black belt with a red bar on it and you do a loot of testing on your way to black belt

  2. Ncolane says:

    Thanks Jesse for great videos. I am the proud parent of 2 blackbelts, brother and sister, in the art of Ketsugen, under the teaching of Grandmaster Ken Riley, and they also had an opportunity to train in Tang So Do for a time. A 5 year journey so far and an awesome opportunity of learning and teaching, giving back. Keep up the good work of quality instruction. Armylane in AK.

  3. Ally says:

    My black belt test was 4 hours long. We demonstrated everything we had ever learned, and also had to take a 45 min written test of our japanese vocabulary

  4. Christine Buesing says:

    When I tested almost 20 years ago (has it really been that long?!) We had to perform all our katas to near perfection. Sparring, of course, but we had some rules in place. Demonstrate self defence techniques, and cardio endurance. The test took the entire morning. I think we finished around 1pm.

  5. Harris Khan says:

    Shotokan Practioner here: I had to perform all punching and kicking combinations and drills from earlier gradings, Sets 1,2 and 3 Jiyu ippon and kihon ippon kumite, perform Kanku Dai, Wankan, and Ji'in, oral/written test(Depending on if the instructors want to do it). We were suppose to do 3 minute Randori against 2nd Dans but because there were too many people we instead sparred against eachother.

  6. Louis Victorious says:

    I don't practice martial arts in school but more like a family martial arts which my grandfather teach me which is Kung fu, well, although it doesn't uses black belt ranking or what, but there is steps. Which is I am forbid to learn a more advance more nor even act like them until I master the basics.

  7. Robert Wise says:

    Very nice Jesse you didnt call the bo the " bo staff" like many others do here when the post there Videos..Because bo staff would litterally mean staff staff Right?

  8. Enea Mapelli says:

    In my dojo, black belt exams are conducted at the federation level, founded by Shirai Sensei. For the first dan, a series of kihon, a kumite of about 2 minutes and a kata chosen between bassai dai, kanku dai and jion are performed. The vote is separate for kihon, kata and kumite. Sufficiency in the 3 categories is required to receive the belt.

  9. Filipe Matos says:

    That was amazing! I've recently graduated into a black belt myself, and I saw allot in my own process of examination as per in this vídeo. Our dojo also advocates a far more marcial and raw style, in contrast with the more modern and standartised styles comon nowdays. Ground figthing, self defense, throws, blocks and locks, Combat with multiple assailors, some bearing knives, as well as the traditional kata, kata bunkai, Kion techiques, and more.

    Of course, we do not use staves or other weapons (even tho I've trained before with nunchakus), or break boards and bricks, but otherwise, a familiar concept!

    Great job! Love your vídeos, and they are an inspiration.

  10. Tim Snyder says:

    Does your studio have a governing body for your martial art? And does this governing body certify that the student has achieved black belt status? Thanks for sharing as always. And just a note of thanks for your subscribers side of your weekly demonstrations. They give me ideas for class for my studio thanks

  11. A.B Tellez says:

    The school I attended did almost the same approach minus the board breaking. It was split into two days. Day1 they would test your strikes and then self defense scenarios such as someone would attack you and you defend something of your choice. Day 2 Would be kata and Sparring. Sparring would be the same you can continue on the ground or get back up.

  12. MZONE3D says:

    I'm a black belt in shotokan, but I feel like a white belt.
    It means very little to me to be a black belt, but the stuff I have learned along the way is what its all about.
    It would have been great to have the grappling and street elements back in the day when I was still grading.

  13. Cameron Smith says:

    Our shotokan tests are similar however we don't use weapons and we have 3 primary categories: kata – we are expected to know 8 minimum perfectly, kihon we must display all basic and intermediate maneuvers, and finally kumite a good deal of sparring with different scripted restrictions for safety. Ours takes all day, minimum age for black belt was just lowered to 16 as well this year. Also our school requires years of training just to qualify for testing. Heck, we only moved to colored belts this year!

  14. Andrew Adams says:

    Awesome to see this! Very well rounded students! Our school requires a paper written on Mindfulness for green belt, Balance for brown belt, and Compassion for Shodan. Do you have any written requirements? Just curious.

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