What Is The Combat Swimmer Stroke? 3 Part Breakdown

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41 thoughts on “What Is The Combat Swimmer Stroke? 3 Part Breakdown

  1. Aaron Zeiger says:

    I got turned on to your group from the Don Shipley interview. Even though I was Air Force and we phone that shit in, lol I have nothing but respect for you guys and grew up on the water. I love swimming.

  2. Stew Smith says:

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  3. Peter Zarkovski says:

    Thank Stew! I used to have a hard time swimming across a 250 yard pool. But with this technique, I can now do it in no time. So grateful to find this video of yours. Cheers to you mate!

  4. Indiana Hoosier says:

    Awesome video breakdown… thank you… i've never been a good swimmer but might have to try this at the pool sometime… wish i had seen this when i was younger and in better shape too… thank you…

  5. Ramon Martinez says:

    Long slender body with long arms and legs! That swim would be difficult for a stubby fellow to pull that off without increased endurance, core strength and a very rythmical sequence. In short a stubby guy would need a Loooooot more practice than this guy

  6. Ryan Spector says:

    Hey, I am a hard of hearing mid 20s male, I have always wanted to be a part of the seal teams but can't due to my hearing limitations. I just bought your book "the complete guide to navy seal fitness 3rd edition. If I can't be an actual part of the teams I can always train to become physically fit like them! I look forward to using the book as a guide!

  7. Austin399 says:

    Question. I’m going for SO to go to seals. I just got PRK eye surgery in October so just waiting till I can sign probably by March they said because of healing purposes . I’m stuck trying to figure out what job to go for that’s gonna be best to get an SO contract after pst . I don’t want to waste any time and get my contract ASAP .

  8. Austin Khamiss says:

    Mr Smith, is it normal to not be able to glide for long distances under water when starting out? Its not that I can't glide, but that my breath control diminishes after about 100m. After that, I cant capitalize on my wall kicks, by gliding underwater, due to lung capacity. Ive only been training for this for a couple weeks however. Ive noticed each time it gets better, and maybe this is just a time factor. Any tips on improvement in this area? Ive been working on underwaters to improve breath holds, and that seems to help a lot. Thanks for your videos. Id be lost without them.

  9. 13e11even11 says:

    Question. I have been practicing this stroke, and I am by no means any more than a novice swimmer, so I am asking with absolutely no authority. My question is this, and I hope that I explain this clearly. Before you scissor kick and you have both arms by the side of your body and the width of your body is perpendicular to the plane of the water you are either facing left or right. I notice that when you kick and you come to flat you will recover to the same side that you were facing either right or left. I found that if after I came to flat I felt a natural tendency to continue to rotate and would find I could rotate to the opposite side. Has anyone studied if this has any advantage?

  10. Donari says:

    How fast is this style? How easy would it be to swim 200 yards in 3 minutes.

    Also im supposed to swim that 200 yards without goggles if that matters at all.

  11. Tanner Bowers says:

    Can I just say that this stroke has helped me tremendously. I watched this video three times, then watched your longer video with the 500 yards in 7 mins, then I went to the pool and tried to replicate the stroke as best I could. I swam further with less muscle and joint fatigue than other strokes I've tried. I'm a novice swimmer, but I'm trying to practice daily if not 3-4 times a week. I've been doing laps to meet the SEAL minimum standards to enter BUD/S. Then I can work on exceeding them. I'm still a few years out from trying out, but I'm trying to be prepared. Thanks for the video. Great work.

  12. Kevin May says:

    I started taking the PST last year and since then have brought my time from an 18:30 (I basically couldn't swim at all) down to an 8:30. Thank you so much for these videos they really help. Now I'm stuck because the recruiters didn't want me to drop my NF contract for SO. I am now in the process​ of being put back through MEPS and reinlisting with a new contract… What do you think I should pick that won't affect my ability to be contracted SO. For reference My scores are 90 pushups, 80 situps, 21 pullups, 8:30 swim, 8:50 run. 93 on the ASVAB. The only bad thing was my C-SORT (I don't remember the score but it was low). I was supposed to leave with a friend back in July. Now he is in Phase 1 of BUD/s right now and I'm still here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  13. robohippy says:

    Stew, The world record for the 100 years side stroke was set in the 1890's at 1:02.5. I am swimming a variation of this stroke where the bottom lower hand is doing a breast stroke pull, and the top hand is coming out of the water and doing a free style stroke. At age 65, I am doing 45 second 50 yard laps. Using this method, I am positive that that record can be smashed by some younger swimmers. That record was set 25 years before Johnny Weismiller became the first one to swim the 100 yard freestyle/Australian Crawl under 60 seconds…. Is power side stroke faster than breast stroke?!

  14. MrMw2freak says:

    As someone training for BUDs these videos are extremely helpful. However I do have a question about the breathing cycle. Do you breath out when your head is above the water? Or do you breath out during the glide?

  15. greg schneider says:

    Very helpful video! I am learning the CSS but my problem is every time after i surface for air when i enter my head back into the water after my breath, water always trickles into my nose and down my throat how can i prevent this?

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