What Is The Best Martial Art for Self Defense? • Martial Arts Journey

Many Martial Arts claim to teach self defense, while actually they are only teaching techniques and some of them very unrealistically. In order to understand …

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  1. Napoleon Fernandez says:

    Any Martial Art will provide you useful skills for physical altercations if you focus on realistic techniques, but I can suggest three to be the best for real life confrontation: Systema, Krav Maga and Keysi KMF

  2. Jerry Mills says:

    The term "fight or flight" is technically inaccurate; it's in reverse order, and it leaves out the first reaction. In order of occurrence, it's freeze, flight, and fright. Attackers know that fact and they depend on their victims turning to fight only as a last resort–and by then it's often too late for the adequate self defense. When your sense of situational awareness suggests the possibility of being attacked, it's a good idea to decide on your response rather than doing what your attacker expects you to do.

  3. Mark Spice says:

    This is one of the better videos on this subject that I have seen, others seem to be made to publicise MMA thus gaining more money for themselves (cynical?). The bottom line is that in a street situation attackers have one advantage, surprise, it is very likely that you will be alone while there will be more than one of them, it is highly unlikely that you will hold your own against them. The best form of self defence is the simplest, RLF (run like fuck) or better still stay away from areas or people that are likely to get you in this position in the first place. There are other factors in the equation, your age and overall fitness, am I a 56 year old with a bad back and a heart condition really going to be able to fight off attackers who are most likely to be 30 years younger than me? I think not. Martial arts at best are selling an illusion, the reality is that they are all practised in a controlled environment (even MMA) you know you are going to be fighting so your mindset is geared up accordingly. Most martial arts have their roots in ancient combat systems and are outdated. Hollywood doesn’t help with their portrayal. Maybe it’s time to stop selling them as self defence systems and market them as what they are which is martial arts based sports… well done on making one of the more intelligent videos on this subject…

  4. Carlos Caro says:

    I think a lot of people missed his point. The three greatest self defense techniques – not that they could solve every problem, but overall – are: 1) situational awareness, 2) being able to defuse situations, keep people calm, and keep a level head, and 3) good cardio and good shoes for getting the hell out of Dodge. I keep seeing people post what they think will win a fight. That means nothing if his buddy steps in with a knife, or he gets up, wipes the blood off his mouth, and draws a pistol.

  5. Grímr Högni Sigurbjörnsson says:

    All most every martial arts is bad for self-defense. There are no rules in a street fight, most never prepare a person for the physiological changes, you rarely get hurt and if you do, you are not forced to fight through it, and they don't teach you how to fight in street clothes. Military styles are the best because they do everything they can to prepare you. Unfortuabetly, it is hard to find for most civis.

  6. David Chavez says:

    You did a good video street brawls running is some times better than fight ing you should called the video( no martial arts better then each ) it s better as exercise excellent mind. Conditioning no martial art s schools are better then each


    If you asked me my answer would be kali, arnis, or as westerners know it FMA. One technique works on an empty hand, a stick, a knife, a sword or anything you have around you plus its not as complicated to learn compared to other discipline

  8. Shy NS says:

    5 martial arts even with less period of learning like a year in each could make you able to defend against 4 or 5 men bare handed men at once maybe more like upto 10….
    1) Taekwondo for flexibility….and to increase perfect kicking ability
    2) Boxing ….
    3) Muay thai…. For the ability to make yourself like a tree root…and the killer use of eight limbs…
    4)Bjj or sambo or Judo..
    For ground game
    5)Sanda/Sanshou from Wushu
    (For combining boxing all the 4 given martial arts Taekwondo ,Boxing, Muaythai, Bjj or Sambo or Judo perfectly)
    If you take at least 1 year training from each martial art from the above and practice yourself you will be a complete defenseive person able to defend against 4-5 bare handed men easily at once…

  9. Andrew Sobush says:

    Learn the technique and apply it in sparring. I prefer wrestling and judo because the closer you are the safer you tend to be. But striking, more importantly defending yourself whilst being struck are incredibly useful. Just find something that comes naturally to you so if it comes time to defend yourself, you can without much thought and more as natural reflex.

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