What is the Best Martial Art for a Street Fight


49 thoughts on “What is the Best Martial Art for a Street Fight

  1. Jake Holm says:

    I'd do Judo long before fucking BJJ. Who starts on their knees in a fight? Or points their ass on the street for donky guard. BJJ has become a disgrace. Judo or Gracie Jiu Jitsu are the best ideas.

  2. AsiaCrasie says:

    How do you defend yourself when your mom tries to hit you? :'D I can't exactly punch or kick or throw her on the ground. Running isn't exactly effective in a room.

  3. Langen Kerls says:

    For self defense on the street, use low kicks. 2 or 3 well thrown low kicks and he will not come back for more, and you will not have to face legal consequences if you ko him and he falls and damages his head

  4. God of F. says:

    Major Judo training, some boxing for strong, fast effective punches, straight kick from karate, side kicks and knees and elbow strikes from Muay Thai, İnside short kiks from Ninjutsu, low inside kicks from Wing Chung, short distance fast punches from Whining chuıng and that is all you need.
    I cannot imagine person starts training Judo and some boxing in serious level and start learning and practicing some Muay Thai onto top of that!
    Or just practicing Judo will teach any human being way more that it need to do, taking way more beating than that person can ever learn from anything else. Just the physical training that you do before you actually start practicing Judo is gonna teach you well enough to handle almost any kind of fighting situation you may face one day on the street etc. real life.
    Judo can be very very deadly on the actual fighting out side of the ring, never forget that. No matter what you train with, ring fight is nothing like actual fight on the street, in a bar, in battle field etc. that happen to almost whole human beings. Judo is the most realistic and natural human being fighting style. Even without knowing it %99.99 of the people goes for basic Judo movements and behaviors like trying to grab each other, struggle, pull and push each other etc. and Judo teaches you that as a hobby, sport that you do for fun every single time you practice Judo. Forget about Judo, just the physical worm up, training etc. before you start practicing, learning Judo on the mat is gonna make you strong, fast and fearless enough to fight any kind of opponent in any kind of situation and come out of that alife or with as less injury and damage as possible, even you you completely disable, kill or cripple the opponents you are fighting.

  5. Corey Shier says:

    when some asshole approaches to engage in a fight, I drop back grab his hand/arm [that he's trying to hit me with] as I step in w/my non-dominate leg and give him a good ol' fashioned Judo type hip toss to the ground and without hesitation I proceed to stomp n kick the shit outta him ending wit a couple good ones to the face/jaw!
    END OF FIGHT! and I feel much better for taking ALL my pent-up anger and frustrations out on his sorry ass!

  6. Vadrigar says:

    I would use boxing or kickboxing for surviving opponents hits, jiu jitsu or wrestling for ground survival and then just finishing it with krav maga genital hits or eye gouging.

  7. Lusaga Mtc says:

    Muay thai plus Judo is deadly

    1) Judo has the best slams, now can you imagine if high-level judoka slams you to the concrete floor
    2) Muay thai is the most well rounded art, plus it has the most powerful rounhouse kicks,elbows and knees and its much more effective than most people think because if your opponent is on the ground, you can just soccerkick him or throw elbows or knee
    3) honorable mentions: wrestling,boxing,bjj,etc

  8. agar nix says:

    Depends on the season if its snowing then you cant kickgood because you might slip but you can use judo but if its summer you could use wrestling and mauythai (boxing)

  9. zef sagala says:

    Muay Thai+Judo= god

    1) Muay thai has the hardest kicks,elbows and knees…its much more effective than most people think because if the fight is on the ground…you can soccerkick or knee or throw elbows at the head of the grounded
    2) Judo has the most powerful slams…its much more effective than most people think like can you imagine if a Judo blackbelt throws you to the concrete floor

  10. IceCold11235 says:

    Any art works on "da streetz", because a streetfighter does not know how to fight. this is your typical streetfighter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgjcK7XhyeM no cardio, no technique, no strategy. I know there are gang attacks, knives, baseball bats, etc., but if you are worried about someone having an unfair advantage, get an unfair advantage of your own. Worried about 3 dudes attacking you? Make 3 new, tough friends. Afraid of someone using a knife? Get a knife

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