What is Ryu? | Ninjutsu Lessons



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24 thoughts on “What is Ryu? | Ninjutsu Lessons

  1. Samuel Grimm says:

    @Marcohazard Kenjutsu? Swordsmanship skill, or Sword techniques, Jutsu has two meanings, Skill, and Technique
    but if you mean Ken alone, idk never heard of it, I will do research

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  3. Dirk Richter says:

    always many stupid comments! kids, before writing something, firstly you have to know something about japanese languagge and not only sit at home and watch naruto shit!
    many japanese names have same sound but it depends on the kanji what it means: Ryu 流 means School but also Ryu as 龍 means Dragon and many more! i always read comments with computer games and cartoons, do you all guys only have a live at home in fron of tv and pc?? go out and enjoy the real live how long you have the chance!!

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