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36 thoughts on “What Is a Survival Knife? | Knives

  1. Mickey says:

    Andrew Clifford
    I've seen your website and you make some beautiful knives. I'm sure extremely strong as well however when you can make a knife for around this price range let me know. I have no intentions in stopping trains with my knife anytime soon

  2. Andy Clifford says:

    These JUNK "movie knife" REPLICAS gave well made hollow handle knives a bad name/wrap. I have made over 500 hollow handled knives and NOT ONE of them has ever come back to me broken! And they are well used. I have sold to outdoor enthusiasts/survivalists as well as many military personnel from over 13 countries, primarily the U.S., Canada. It's all about how they are made. I make full tang survival/bushcraft knives as well as all types of knives. These CHEAP Taiwan Rambo knives have an aluminum smelted handle, which would break well before the cheap 420j2 blade would. No one should base their opinion of how well a Ferrari drives by driving a Volkswagon Bug! You cannot base your opinion of hollow handled knives on these cheap First Blood knives, period!

  3. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

    Hi, I agree the hollow handles are controversial, but I have a few that I think are pretty good, my first one is the Buckmaster #184, then I got the Randal model #18, then I got lucky and was able to get a Tomahawk Brand #1161 that was U.S.A. made, then I got the NB 1-01, (in Russian the B's are V's), which is a Russian made at the Izshmas Plant, it's made out of 65g carbon steel, and finally I have the Bokor Aparro, another good one, this one is in the 440C, which one is your favorite hollow handle knife you would trust.

  4. David Ward says:

    well…not sure what to say, but for those on here that believe this is the knife to have when in the backcountry, you should hope that you never find yourself in a situation that would require the skills to get out if things go sideways.  this knife is good for 2 things only.  to pig stick someone, and to show to your friends in the comfort and safety in your home.  anything else simply means that you are someone that knows nothing about processing in a bad situation.  if you have one, and only one cutting tool that you can take off trail, it should be between 4-5 inches long, full tang, Scandinavian grind, carbon steel blade.  If you need anything more, then spend more time acquiring backwood skills or keep watching rambo reruns, cause you ain't getting out intact at that point.

  5. Erik Hartmann says:

    I had a knife with a hollow handle once. It worked fine and was never even close to breaking. To me it seems like simply a mix of excessive fear and fad to hate on those kind of knifes. How many people have actually had problems with them?

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