What I think of Master Wong's Knife Defense video



Master Wong is a very popular Youtube personality as it relates to his martial arts platform. I have a great deal of respect for him, but I disagree with his video on …

11 thoughts on “What I think of Master Wong's Knife Defense video

  1. Benjamin Pujols says:

    I agree it is very dangerous and anything that happened spare the moment you're not going to be ready for you know you can only do will you can out of a reaction oh because you purposely are prepared because you saw this coming but you know you're dumping the trash or something or mowing the lawn and whatever reason you just stopped and you turn around and Bam there they are give me all your money and you're like oh my God so yes it's very hard to say

  2. Meme says:

    You are truly wise! Some have an ego problem and can't let go of the fact that a weapon is a weapon along with not being able to comprehend how valuable life is.

  3. william West says:

    Hey Mr. Stroud, I'm a big fan of yours and I never comment although I always watch your videos. I just subscribed now on my second account. I was wondering if you'd be interested in sharing your thoughts on Ninjutsu? I've been offered a free week of classes by a Bujinkan instructor, probably because he's desperate for students. My own thoughts on it are that it could be fun but it looks to be mostly based in fantasy. I do think that the weapons training could be of great benefit though. Have a great day sir!

  4. YNOT ART says:

    I totally agree with you Brother Teacher! Only a fool would risk dying than to see another day. Now that’s not to discredit Mr. Wong. But I’ve studied martial arts for a long time in and out of different systems to find where I fit and I’ve witnessed things that don’t seem right. True story…I had a best friend in high school back in the 80’s that I met in gymnastics class and this guy was a black belt in shotokan. He was someone I respected and looked up to. We’ve been in many situations where there was gang activity, another situation with a gun and so on. We were teenagers that wasn’t thinking straight. When we approached our twenties we moved apart but still kept in touch. Till one day I got a call from his mom that he was killed. Now I won’t go into too much detail but he was jumped by three guys. Because of his martial art experience he was able to take them on. But his spirit wasn’t able to handle being stabbed by one of them and after being shot. A very devastating moment for me and his family! I miss him dearly! So all that being said you have to use your head before your fist. A wise man lives to see another day!

  5. sherif el kadi says:

    You are perfectly correct BrotherTeacher ! Knife defense is perhaps the most difficult, intricate and complicated of all defense techniques, much more so with more than one knife attacker in a particular situation. I had one similar altercation a few years back. i just complied and gave him my cellfone. My life is way more precious.

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