What Happens When A Black Belt Pretends To Be A White Belt

What Happens When A Black Belt Pretends To Be A White Belt. No time for jokes about brown belts.

41 thoughts on “What Happens When A Black Belt Pretends To Be A White Belt

  1. Calum Thatcher says:

    Pretty much the only martial art you could do this in and actually contact spar with ppl, imagine a tkd black belt sparring as a white belt, force of habit he throws a roundhouse like he would sparring someone good and fucking murders the actual white belt he's sparring lol.

  2. Sven Lima says:

    boring "prank". Even I as a layman can see immediately that this guy is a pro. It's impossible to hide it. Like trying to cycle like a beginner: it's impossible once you can cycle.

  3. Jimothy Snooker says:

    it's funny when their ego is so hurt they stand around looking for reasons to poke hole. prodigies do exist, hence "BJ "the Prodigy" Penn". they set out to play him and build their ego and got shut down lol

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