22 thoughts on “Weapons System Engagement Platforms

  1. Jim Sosa says:

    I was basking in the afterglow with a young lady of whom I became fascinated with because of her knowledge of firearms, that said, I was told by her that my assault weapon system was merely a light serviceable platform and was in no way impressed to the point that she would want to re-engage my weapon system any time soon. After checking out your vid Billy I can now go away with some knowledge that in the future to impress a young lady of this caliber I'm going to have to get some type of engine or electronics. Thanks Billy for the tip!.

  2. Dohn Joe says:

    soooo, instead of platform or operating system we need to say type and style? Then again different types of rifle can either have different systems of operation or share the same while looking completely different or the contrary. ok, ok, works just like or works totally different. got it!

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