Weaponized Medieval Wrestling: the Dagger

Instructed medieval fighting, or modern self-defence for that matter, is in my opinion a holistic compendium of a few techniques and principles which are then …

31 thoughts on “Weaponized Medieval Wrestling: the Dagger

  1. eric Graccus says:

    all this is hight hits…to get the neck, probably, and the ennemy is at one metter… and your focus. But what if the menace comes closer before. Even if your allready focus? and is about to stabb you in the belly ? (if you shows it allready in another video, please, give me the link!)

  2. Albrecht A.H says:

    Tough boy gives it the power

    It is a great idea to use different passages from the historical manuals in order to found a solid european martial art style
    I also use some manuals in retrospective , (Camillo Agrippa, Hans wurm, Fiore, Talhoffer, Paulus Hector Mair ) for viking combat along with the sagas and modern wrestling concepts, because you can take everything you need and adapt it. you can make feedback and figure out how they can get the knowledge from experience and instinct…
    Great video.

  3. GregTom2 says:

    I find it interesting that people think that since most modern martial arts come from different parts of asia, european men didn't have a clue how to wrestle effectivelly or fight with skill, and only knew to bash a mace until the enemy died.
    Just because the pre-renaissance drawings of masters are kind of derpy doesn't mean the techniques were. The main reason why the Japanese and chinese cultures are closer to their martial arts than we are is that their feudal societies ended some hundreds of years after ours.
    Anyone with an ounce of common sense and regular training can become a deadly warrior. No need to have mystical training or anything. It's a question of practise, and Knights had just as much as samurai had.

  4. Carlo Licini says:

    The horrible song is the original song of "Hokuto no Ken" come on, of course it's not the best music on earth but it's a nice memory of our youth who "lived in the '90s" LOL. Systema & Bujinkan friendship!

  5. RZ-357 says:

    In realtà puoi, è illegale, ma c'è gente che lo fa.
    Ci sono foderi fatti apposta per essere attaccati orizzontalmente alla cintura,
    se porti la camicia fuori dai pantaloni nessuno si accorge di niente,
    eccetto il metal detector della banca o dell'areoporto ovvio! 🙂

  6. James Blau says:

    1) Hands aren't sharp, what kind of idiot punches like he's holding a knife
    2) People were punching each other before they figured out how to use tools
    3) This is embarassing

  7. mojothemigo says:

    WHY U NO SHOW AURAS AND ATATATATA!? I tease, I tease. One thing though, it seems like there are a lot of arm catches. I would really like to see this with hard sparring. Sorry guys, I can't but help be a little bit skepticle but I wouldn't mind being convinced otherwise

  8. worldworks says:


    He's not stupid it's just that people do not realize that empty hand martial arts techniques of every style and origin were developed from weapon's techniques.

  9. bidibum says:

    @ArmeAntica I've asked you 'cause I think that if you partner had continued the stabs you'll lose the arm 9/10, the first step, grab the wirst, is really, reeeeeally difficult already with the punch, I don't mind with a knife!

  10. Djemps says:

    Gotta love the upper Key! P.S. How's your translation of Mair's Sickle plates going? It looks like the Sickle uses many of the same concepts as the dagger. It might be a good companion weapon to train at the same time.

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