36 thoughts on “We try the worst knife-defence technique in the world – does it work?

  1. The_Knosferatu says:

    Ive watched a few of these debunk videos from various actual martial artists and others
    And i gotta say
    Why are all of these fakers trying to show bs techniques from a position where youve pretty much already lost?
    Pinned to the ground
    BOTH ARMS restrained
    Fucking choke from behind
    Im obviously not an expert but to a normal person such as myself these are no win scenarios
    Why do they always assume a “mugger knife” will be wielded like a broadsword?
    Knives are easier to thrust then to slash afaik…
    Like i said im no expert but this is a weird trend with these

  2. rhonda howard says:

    "You're actually making a rookie mistake. See, you're coming at me aggressively and quickly; you're supposed to highly telegraph your movements and come at me very slowly."

    That, and the "defense" videos always have the dude brandish the knife out in the open where someone can disarm/kick it. Real knife attacks are AMBUSHES. You're probably already gonna have holes in you by the time you actually know things have escalated into a knife attack.

  3. reaLityyy says:

    Thanks for being so honest with people. Really great to see videos on seld-defense like that.
    In my opinion, once you're in that situation the only thing that might actually work is pure strength at the right moment.
    Maybe you can pull one of the guys on the side and throw him of balance so he gets in the way of the knife guy
    therefore creating an opening for you to free yourself and escape, but that will only work if you have the strength and also catch the guy off guard.
    Otherwise as long as the guys holding you aren't much much weaker and lighter than you that won't do shit either and you probably wouldn't have ended up like
    that in the first place. The most useful stuff there is using your softskills properly, trying to either make them change their mind or at least give them enough confidence to
    catch them off guard. Even if everything works out as i said it's probably still 85% death.

  4. Ian Sinclair says:

    Not sure if the guy with the knife would bother to tackle you, but yeah it's a terrible idea that lady has.
    How many video's does that "self defence" chick have? Are they all this bad?

  5. zetayoru says:

    Hi, I have a few questions.

    Firstly- if a jaguar and a siberian meerkat were to engage in a fight to the death, who would win? It is important to take into account that the meerkat recently discovered that his wife was having an affair with the dear down the road.

    secondly, why are you teaching things that will get people killed?

  6. Kevin R says:

    Just gained a subscriber. Really appreciate the honesty. Way to many people using ineffective techniques with misplaced confidence in their abilities. Thank you sir!

  7. Kevin Phillips says:

    The least bad defense we know, even if it is bad, is the answer. I feel like this is where your failure is happening, philosophically. You don't shit on the least bad defense then say you don't know the answer. You know the answer. You just want to make a video shitting on other martial artists while saying you don't have it.

    Any time you're unarmed fighting someone with a weapon, you're probably going to die. The best defenses are going to improve your odds of survival from 3% to 10%. And if it can do that, it might not actually be shit.

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