WE GOT THE TOMMY GUN!! WITH A SECRET ENDING!?! – Bendy and The Ink Machine Chapter 3

We are back! Bendy and the ink machine chapter 3 is here and there are so many new secrets to be found! Today we unlock the secret tommy gun in order to try …

40 thoughts on “WE GOT THE TOMMY GUN!! WITH A SECRET ENDING!?! – Bendy and The Ink Machine Chapter 3

  1. mighty poocheyena says:

    ummm…. sorry, but that ending preview picture is just for the demon ending…. it's not because you got the tommy gun…. sorry XD I've seen people play both routes and the devil and angel routes are only different with the ending picture, the tommy gun had no part in that…. -v-;;

  2. alejandra castro says:

    OMG I KNOW! i know why is bendy trying to kill you bc he thought joey killed boris but it was alice! and your friends with joey! and bendy wants to kill you bc of that and boris and bendy are friends but alice killed boris! and maybe bendy knows and maybe that little guys will help bendy and bendy will help you get boris back!

  3. Bay Carlisle says:

    wait… I wonder if you can get the tommy gun after giving her the hearts if you don't pick it up.
    As in: get the mission, wait the minute, do the walking backwards thing, hit the back of the container, but then you just don't pick it up, instead you keep your weapon, get the five ink hearts, and then turn them in, THEN get the tommy gun if its will still be there
    or MAYBE there is a secret ending if you shoot Boris because then she cant capture him like she does because he'd be dead

  4. Mojo Jobo says:

    I made a quote that bendy would say if you hack into any room with the "Wandering is a terrible sin".
    The quote is….
    "So…..wandering across the ink….you will be lost forever in the ink…..consumed by the regret you have….so think to yourself…..did you make the right choice?" (Creepy Feral Bendy cutout kills you if you stay next to it after bendy finishes the quote)
    I made one for Alice to.
    "Wandering across the devil's path? Heh….You know…..Wandering is a terrible sin….and that makes you one of those people…"
    (Alice Angel bites your face off after finishing the quote)
    I made more, but I think I'm just making you bored.

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