Ways to Deploy Folding Knives You Might Not Know About!



There are endless ways to deploy folding knives! Some are good for fun while others are useful under the stress/adrenal response. In this video, Bastinelli …

18 thoughts on “Ways to Deploy Folding Knives You Might Not Know About!

  1. L. light says:

    I think this is pretty cool. A good refresher course. What's also important. Is whether you are right or left handed , always practice drawing out you knife with your opposite hand. So if your dominant hand is injured. You can efficiently draw your weapon with your other hand.

  2. Dave Friedman says:

    Back in the day when my EDC was a Buck 110 I had the knife worked out to where I could open it one handed (centrifugal). That was before thumbstuds became commonplace. Today with most higher end folders having an allen or torx type bolt holding the blade in the handle all one needs to do is adjust the screw tension on the blade and use a good lubricant in the friction areas to deploy the blade effortlessly

  3. Jesse Villa says:

    any knife that you can open using centrifugal force is usually considered illegal by some states, usually under the term "gravity knife". lotta guys in NY have gotten screwed by those laws

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