Way More Than A Combat Knife! TOPS US Combat Knife

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28 thoughts on “Way More Than A Combat Knife! TOPS US Combat Knife

  1. Loverock says:

    I have the Serrated version but would have preferred the straight edge, the serrations are the "ESEE" style so are still very useful and durable for chopping. I find it a little harder to sharpen than an ESEE in 1095 but that's whatever. I wear large size gloves and for me, if you wear gloves with padded palms its a little on the beefier side but that's not a deal breaker. Fits beautifully in a spec-ops large size sheath, the sheath it came from is a little less than meh. This is a WW3 knife and as a weapon, in my under qualified over opinionated internet big mouth opinion its pretty much a sharpened baton that you can stab with, I wouldn't over think it, I'd hate to be on the other end of it. Thanks for the review Gideon, love this knife.

  2. g h says:

    So glad you reviewed this blade! There's not many videos of it! It's a great knife! Just wish they would offer it without serrations and had a kydex sheath!

  3. Josh O says:

    That knife that you showed in the nylon sheath is a completely different knife than the Tops US combat knife. Yet you're comparing the two sheaths.

  4. Random Dude says:

    Not sure what you spend on seatbelts.. but I don't think it really shows anything. When I used to scrap vehicles, I used to cut them every day with a kitchen knife I'd sharpen with a grinder. Btw, just subbed! Outstanding reviews, you've saved me about 300 bucks so far. Ty

  5. steeltrident says:

    Great review. It's good to see Tops offer this knife with a plain edge. Your channel is my go to channel for concise, clear and thorough reviews. Thanks for all your work.

  6. Prepared Hykr says:

    Awesome knife review. I like to stay in the 5-6 inch blade range for field knives. This knife is a little long for my uses. If I carry a knife that long into the field, it will by my OKC M9 Bayonet or OKC Jungle Bowie. I don't carry those on a normal day or multi-day hike. Thanks for sharing.

  7. schlooonginator says:

    Meh, this suffers from what many past Tops have, way too thick at .25" combined with a short saber grind just makes for a great pry bar but really weak cutter. This could realy be kick ass if they just went with 3/16" and maybe slightly higher saber….

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