48 thoughts on “Vladimir Vasiliev – Knife Concepts – Russian Martial Art Systema

  1. stuart robert says:

    taking all these people's money ££ how much they charging for this show ? a serious load of rubbish and it could put someone in a dangerous situation thinking they have skill to defend . crap

  2. D Patrick says:

    its not both are true, its a before b , b before c. Yes you are correct in that because you do something slow you may not be able to do it fast but that is the first step, certainly if you cannot do it slow you will not be able to do it fast.

  3. Wang Guan Nan says:

    I don wana say anything conclusive abt this demo, I do not know enough of systema to do that, but wat u saying is only half true, sure if u cant get timing slow then u cant get it at full speed, but getting it at slow doesnt mean u can get it fast either, personally I think getting timing on anything at slow mo is easy, and its a totally different story at full speed.

  4. Vladimir Aust says:

    It is evan not a training. In training you are doing something, what can help you in fight-simulation (even not in the real fight), if multiply it in few times and build in movements. Here it is more seems like a phoeny. Doing such a things equal to not doing them at all. The only benefit could be the delusion of ability to make something and bravery.
    The most funny thing is that I presume that in real fight this system could be deadly usefull, but not this video)

  5. Vladimir Aust says:

    Ah… I want to see how he will lie down somebody who doing Judo, Sambo, or even simple gymnastics so easily.
    With no strugle any technique will look "effective". All those things are useless as a demonstration since they are soft, slow and relaxed. There is no doubt that Vladimier Vasiliev is a master, and this note not adressed to him, but to all such a videos authors.
    А вообще до чего же отрадно видеть сколь популярны и уважаемы наши мастера!

  6. Ronny Sayfan says:

    I disagree with your reasoning Hermylolol – First off all, they're all watching Vasiliev, so it's a demonstration NOT training. Vasiliev demonstrates the alleged efficacy and ease with which he can neutralize a knife-weilding attacker using systema principles – However, it is a false representation of a knife attack – unless you are attacked by inertia-free attackers in slowmotion.

  7. Hermylolol says:

    Of course this isn't a fight-simulation! This is training! If people went from full-speed right from the beginning, people would be sent to the hospital and not learn a thing! This obviously isn't meant to be a demonstration of an actual knife fight.

    It's like you're going to an amateur music class, and saying, "wow they can't even play full orchestral pieces yet, what the hell". This analogy (like pretty much all analogies) has its flaws, but you get the idea.

  8. mac man says:

    i guess some people dont understand the point of a demonstration. slow is good to see what is going on. slow is also the tool for timing. if u cant get the timing slow then u will not get it at full speed

  9. mac man says:

    u talk a lot of shit from behind a keyboard. IGNORANCE! take ur ass out and experience it before u start running ur mouth…sounds like you have no martial art experience nor do you have any idea of what you are looking at nor the principle of the technique. i welcome you to come to tampa and train w/me

  10. Ronny Sayfan says:

    While Vasiliev is changing speeds at will, his "attackers" remain at a constant, slower rate of movement. They are coopertaing with his kinestetic input – this is not a fight-simulation, because their movements do not represent real-time physics in terms of inertia and momentum – This is contact-dancing with absolutely no tactical application.

  11. Ronny Sayfan says:

    Systema is a very efficiet means of defense from slow-moving, muscle-toneless compliant attackers… In virtually any other scenario involving knives it WILL get you killed. Simply retarded.

  12. VictorSierraGolf says:

    You do realize this is a demonstration/lesson, right?
    You do realize that when you want to show something and the people watching to actually understand what is happening, you have to do it slow, right?

    You don't pay a martial arts school for just watching the trainer showing off, but for the trainer to actually teach you, just saying…

    And no, I'm not practicing Systema or any other martial art or do anything related to hand-to-hand combat, I'm just using common sense here…

  13. hernandayolearyallda says:

    R u one of vlad's student, I would love for u to try any of that even call ur friend and give him a magic marker he willmark u up so bad, this is so fake, i feel sorry for u for believing this, please do not use systema against a real attacker

  14. hernandayolearyallda says:

    Simply horse shit, I wish we were in the same room with a rubber knife so I could show u how awfully silly this is. In about 5 seconds one can be hit with the rubber knife 100 times and u'd agree it was a bs defense system. Its fair to say if someone is going to stab u they are going to do it more than once. The students are probably just scared of stabbing Vlad by accident so cooperate with him. If he grabs ur shirt and u move, so what he is still holding ur shirt. u sound brainwashed

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