Vistani Knife Fighter enhancements and attack animation – Lamannia preview

A simple video I did while checking out the Vistani Knife Fighter universal enhancement tree that is being previewed on Lamannia. In the video I show all …

12 thoughts on “Vistani Knife Fighter enhancements and attack animation – Lamannia preview

  1. Acelgof says:

    This is gonna be a massive buff to Shader-Kai, having Risk and Reward on start, combining this with Whirling Chain and Envenomed Blades will do so much point-damage, with Chain for a bit of AoE. I am looking forward to this!

  2. IdealInsomnia says:

    I actually looove this. Always been a huge fan of Dex-based fighters and this looks so cool. And unlike Harper Agent, which enables some shenanigans, but is still kinda meh, this time taking it all the way to capstones is actually worth it. Immediately thinking of pairing it with Swashing Bard, Assassin rogue or a ranger. Sweet!

  3. Rood67 says:

    Ninja Monks and Rogue Assassin comes to mind. Ranger Deep Wood Stalker, maybe. Wizard Palemaster or Eldridge Knight. Warlock Enlightened Spirit
    These are a few I could see splashing this in

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