ViewDo: How To Break the Bottom Out of a Bottle



Popular party trick. Blast the bottom out using nothing but water and your bare hands!

22 thoughts on “ViewDo: How To Break the Bottom Out of a Bottle

  1. Alec Langerud says:

    Great video but for the real explanation check out Mark Rober's video "Bare hand bottle busting science" he pairs up with the Backyard Scientist and they get a super slo-mo shot of the vacuum it creates at the bottom of the bottle. He goes into great detail and it is super easy to understand. Still, great video though

  2. Keaton Brickner says:

    Your explanation is wrong it’s actually when u hit the bottle the bottle moves while the water is not yet affected or pulled down by gravity which forms a small space between the bottle and the water at the bottom that small space is a vacuum which pulls the water in ten time quicker than it was creating which is to much force for the bottle to withstand this busting out the bottom

  3. L .ftfyes says:

    You are wrong about how the beer bottle trick works you hit the top and it makes the bottom vibe berate making water shoots up and back down and makes it like a hammer braking the bottles bottom

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