Victorinox Sentinel Knife Review Failure!

This is a look at a Victorinox Sentinel. Its a rather strange design in my opinion. For more videos on wilderness survival, survival skills, disaster preparedness …

14 thoughts on “Victorinox Sentinel Knife Review Failure!

  1. 0rgazman says:

    i can close the linerlock with one hand. if you got the problem is cause i dont know nothing about knives.
    The way to close the blade is with index finger no with the thumb

  2. TheGuerillapatriot says:

    I'm new to the knife world, I've only had box cutters for utility work. Never new what I was missing. Can't get of them now. Good review, I'm not a tactical knife user but I'm trying to explore using differ net knives. My new knife is a Raja II, and I carry a Letherman Micro to substitute the utility of the Victronix Trekker. Anyway, good video, you brought up the liner lock issue that I never understood. Like I said new to knives, I've got the cuts to prove it.

  3. TheGuerillapatriot says:

    Victronix Trekker, greatest daily use knife. Screwdriver, fill-ups screwdriver, fish scale remover blade, serrated blade, reamer, can opener, bottle opener. Use it every day. So it's not perfect. Still it's awesome.

  4. Zachary Winkler says:

    Hey mate, cmon. There has to be SOME knives for us left handers!! Nah just kidding mate, I'm so used to the normal liner lock that that style would be real foreign to me as well.
    Great review champ,

  5. HatzBipe says:

    Wow! A total failure because you don't like the lock?? 4+ minutes to tell us that! Actually this is one of my favorite pocketknives. Well made, rugged, and light weight.

  6. syzygycc says:

    I've got the Trekker and it has the same silly liner lock design–I hate it! It's also big and heavy and doesn't have a clip so it just feels heavy in your pocket. I usually leave it home and take something else.

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