Vicious Knife Fighting – RAW!!!

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21 thoughts on “Vicious Knife Fighting – RAW!!!

  1. Michael Kriechbaum says:

    Good point on the read the title to know what type of seminar it is. But the comment was for a more detailed answer. I'm not too worried about this though.
    And it's good that the time was used to teach the drill and let the students practice more in their own time. This way more could be taught.
    I said this more as a review which a student might not say. But I realise I do not know the full story on the seminar. But hope the best for you and your teaching.

  2. Michael Kriechbaum says:

    Don't know how much practice of the with drawing of the knife would be need to be taught in seminar. It seems more important things can be taught. But that's also an issue of how much time was devoted to that study, and what type of seminar it was.

  3. Josh Nixon says:

    Survive. Anything more than that is a bonus! If your arm gets cut, you won't have a choice anyway – you'll have to keep going regardless – and your objective is always to finish it as quickly as possible, whether that's slapping him and running away, breaking his arm or shredding him with a grater. Whatever the situation, ending it as quickly as possible is your objective.

  4. 1stNightingale says:

    The Armlock you use at 0:53 . I have always naturally done that either in fights or just sparring and i always worry about knife issues where you will get cut. I understand that when you defend against a knife you should be prepared to be cut but is that a very effective way or is it simply to finish the fight as quick as possible even with a cut arm?

  5. gentlegiant6585 says:

    I really like your vids and am planning on buying your dvd's for home training and would like to buy dvd's for weapons/firearms training. Iv'e been training MA on and off for 25+ years and your vids show me there is allways more to learn. Thank you.

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