Using your Keys in a Street Fight – Self Defense

Keys are a great improvised weapon, which is often handled incorrectly. The most common mistake people make when striking with their keys is telegraphing …

17 thoughts on “Using your Keys in a Street Fight – Self Defense

  1. Shaitan051 says:

    I can't really agree.
    You talk about telegraphing but which is worse? Shifting a key or two so they're between your 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd fingers using the same motions/muscles we use when we get to our front door (Dunno about you but I don't need two hands) or trying to onehandedly get the entire ring of keys into a position where the key you're using won't move because it's out too far, do little because it's not out far enough. or be pushed back into your closed hand on impact?

  2. Luciffrit says:

    First, are you proficient at delivering a swift kick to the knee? An easier target would be the front of the ankle where the shin meets the top of the foot if they are right up against you. I've been brought down by a very light kick there and I wasn't able to stand up straight for a few minutes. It is even more effective if your attacker comes from behind as your heel can dig in more easily.

  3. upsdeliveryguy says:

    You know what bothers me is that people like this react before thinking. You see this guy talking about using a key as a weapon. Oh ya, great idea. Keys aren't like using a stick or something that will hurt. They can be lethal. Use them in a street fight and be prepared to be charged with assualt with a weapon even if its self defense. I was at a club, had a argument with a guy, and next thing I'm getting attacked with a key. He stabbed me in the face several times and I'm now scared for life.

  4. RickyJnum1FAN says:

    good work nick i love how you always bring up "in a real situation" thats something most other instructors fail to do when adrenalin kicks in and what someone is really thinking about in a street fight good work and i hope you can expand worldwide…

  5. AbsurdExistentialist says:

    This video was uploaded a week before two guys mugged my mom and me and tried to hijack my mom's car. Had I known all of these techniques back then I would have felt way more confident. And as the other comment illustrates, I don't really know how to throw a punch nor have I tried, so the hammer fist seems (and feels) much safer for me. Thanks!

  6. rbt4rbt says:

    I'd say that 95% at least throw punches with a tel'. To me, that's good because I get more warning time. Regarding keys, I came up with my own "tool" that is not seen and yet can by put into action extremely fast. Along with another legal tool I can have ready in no time, I really don't know how a person can defeat my system. I practice with it against my punching robot in the worse place of being in range of the random punches and my system is tough to beat. A knife attack is hard to get in too

  7. V Guyver says:

    I like your demonstration buddy, also a good sport for playing the losing side in these scenario's. This is a good lesson, most people don't know how to throw a good punch, so fighting with the keys in a less formal matter can be a good thing.

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