Using Pens for Self Defense: Striking and Clinching | Smootherpro Tactical Pen Review



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32 thoughts on “Using Pens for Self Defense: Striking and Clinching | Smootherpro Tactical Pen Review

  1. Rooroo92 says:

    I have a small collection of these type of pens myself, that middle silver one is very similar to the one I use now except I cut out and added a small piece of metal on top of it because I wanted one with a flat top. I also think the bolt action mechanism is the best design out there, unlike most of the other lot it never accidentally writes on my clothes! 😀

  2. Sean Garner says:

    So im looking to begin combat training(not for competition but for usefulness and self-defense) with everything going on virus wise I'm not joining a gym just yet but will as soon as reasonable. Im looking to learn basic beginner kickbocking using my heavy bag and double end. Where and how should I start learning on my own for the time being? Any suggestions?

  3. Matthew Van Helden says:

    I've always figured an object like that helps you hit them even your punch misses, and makes your hand a little harder when you punch. I also see any object besides basically a firearm in my hand as a disadvantage though, because it can be used against you and you can't grab. Even in you're demo you're like, "oh look in the clinch this is all i have to do" well 1. you're holding on with 1 arm he can just pull away and punch you, but 2. you're sacrificing stability of the clinch to begin with just getting there and securing with 1 hand closed.

    I also figure, why would i trade years of experience striking and grappling for little to no experience in a 1.05x force multiplier?

  4. Paul says:

    Hey man, I watched the new Batman trailer recently and was wondering if it's possible to break someones arm the way he does in the trailer? Hoping you can help!

  5. Chris Jones says:

    I carry a Zebra F-701 pen while working. It's not "tactical" but it's all metal and I swapped for a pressurized refill like a space pen so it writes no matter what. So basically it's a great pen without the bulk of some tactical pens but if needed you could use it as a weapon. It's an improvised weapon at best but I need a pen so why not carry a decent one.

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