Using Kenpo against the knife

Some things to think about. Showing how important the entries are and how Knife Palisut and Hubud help you develop the skill set required to pull of a …

4 thoughts on “Using Kenpo against the knife

  1. Ian P says:

    This is exactly what students need to get the good out of both knife and gun techniques in kenpo. They need an instructor who can interpret them and pull them apart to plausibly demonstrate their true simplicity and effectiveness. They cannot be left in the 'Ideal Phase' or they are a total waste of time and a recipe for disaster. These drills are Filipino I take it, it would be great to see more.

  2. CounterforCounter says:

    That is absolutely correct. So many factors go into self-defense, including the ones you mentioned, that it is tough to drill things 100% realistically. People always talk about how they will do this and how they will do that, when in the end, all we can do is train to put the percentages in our favor, and then hope for the best. I feel, especially when it comes to weapons training, people mislead themselves and are way to casual with how they train. Thanks for watching.

  3. QuackFu1234 says:

    I'm curious – what do you mean by "can I do this for real", do you mean psych and hormonal factors (adrenaline and fear) just thought it was an insightful comment so wanted to hear what you had to say – excellent vid and posting

  4. CounterforCounter says:

    Thanks for watching. The best way to get an idea of it in practice is to practice it. For an idea to be valid for you, it doesn't matter if I can do it, it only matters if you can do it. Now, if what you are really asking is can I do this for real, then that is a different question all together…

    Again thanks for watching.

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