Using a Knife for Self-Defense : How to Select the Right Knife

Learn how to select the right knife with expert tips and advice on knife fighting and self defense in this free video from our expert Tres Tew. Expert: Tres Tew Contact: www.christianmartialartsin…

40 thoughts on “Using a Knife for Self-Defense : How to Select the Right Knife

  1. Kittys C: says:

    Ok so this might sound stupid but.. Yea! I moved a while ago ( 2/3 weeks ago) and ever sense i have been doing fine. Yesterday night my sister heard noises downstairs. Barley. .But we went down there and there was my father! Last night i was also hearing noises, but louder. I got so scared i blocked the door, grabbed the top of my hamper to use as a shield, and woke my dad up to go see if there was someone. I grabbed an umbrella and knife to keep in my room, after we found out there wasn't anyone, just in case. Ever sense last night i've been working on a little case so i don't stab myself on accident.

  2. Ruby Falls says:

    I have a situation at my work where I would like to be more protected. I do have a folder knife but no information on how to actually use it for self defense. Would it work the same as most others knives?

  3. travis abram says:

    Criminals won't be following the state laws as to what size knife they can carry so why should we the law abiding citizens be limited to toy sized blades to defend against bowies or machetes? Lol 

  4. Halucigenija says:

    actualy if the agressor doesnt get scared by your knife he is probably trying to beat you into a pulp so if the agressor is still atacking you after you pull out your knife you can stab him but if after the stab the agressor continues to atack you, you cannot be punished if you kill him still he is wounded so probably get out of there as fast as you can. similiar rules apply to guns as well. weapons are the last resort and dont necessarily kill .

  5. Stig R. says:

    A person using force in self-defense should use only so much force as is required to repel the attack. Deadly force is authorized only if the attacker uses deadly force.

  6. Fadds says:

    But the problem is in a situation when someone unarmed just wants to kick your ass a little, like wanting to punch you in the face. So is it legal to stab him in a situation like this? Or is it moral at least?

    I mean it's pretty hard to kill someone bare handed, so you couldn't use the "life or death" argument.

  7. Edric Chung says:

    I haven’t changed my views since then, but sure. I can never convince you and you can never convince me. Lets just leave it at that. And I haven’t used this account in about a year too. It’s funny how I returned to this message.

  8. says:

    You are wrong. I have no problem with people having the right to defending themselves at all. My point is: you can still defend yourself without carrying a device that is capable of killing someone/anyone unintentionally, therefore making it unsafe. (btw, it didn't take me a year to think of that, I just haven't used this account for a year). 🙂

  9. adamtb16 says:

    I carry a colt and i'm 16. My father is a cop who has told me where to stab someone efficiently. I have thought about a situation where i would be forced to kill someone but in reality I might be scared for a second but then I would hopefully be able to murder someone in self defense. Then i would have to cope with the fact i just killed someone.

  10. nauroticdax says:

    it means you shouldent rely on having one on you and instead being more skilled into disarming your opponent…pretty straight forward since i said it in the rest of the comment if you cared to read a little further…besides if you are attacked and you pull out a wepon….not really self defence is it?

  11. ronjohn862000 says:

    "even in the us i would never reccomend carrying any wepon that you intend to use in self defence"

    What??? WTF does that even mean? If I intend to use a weapon in self defense its pretty much useless not to carry it. Am I missing something?

  12. matty5105 says:

    I understand what you are trying to say but it is videos like this one that puts an idea in a stupid persons head and then they walk around carrying a "lethal weapon" and think it is ok to just pull it out and use it in "self defence" and someone ends up in hospital or even worse. So I would appreciate it if you didn't post videos like this one as it would not cause any harm among normal people but all it takes is one idiot to think it is ok and someone gets killed

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