Using a Knife for Self-Defense : How to Do Basic Knife Moves

42 thoughts on “Using a Knife for Self-Defense : How to Do Basic Knife Moves

  1. 8NightKillers says:

    Anyone else notice that on the first thing he did when he lowered himself to reach the neck he said it was because he lowered himself and that just "the science of the body"… umm… what the f*ck science says that if you reach straight forward you will extend further than if you reach up at an angle. The reason you were able to reach him when u knelt down wasn't because I knelt down, it was because you rotated your shoulders and took a step forward with your left foot… if you took a step forward and rotated your shoulders while standing straight then you would actually reach a little further

  2. MrHellotherehowareu says:

    I think the moves are…. plausible. The problem with a knife though is that the other person isn't going to be standing there and would be swinging just as wildly as you would be. With that said, it doesn't matter how you cover yourself, getting stabbed anywhere is going to be very painful. Would you be able to still fight with pain and potentially fatal bleeding?

  3. DJCPro360 says:

    Canada are illegally carrying weapons what's the properly way for self defence where somebody is assault me with a weapon and there's no Police around if i stabbed the threat ending accidentally killed the threat where i don't get arrested from the Police. What's the best strategy to self defence?.

  4. Vanny says:

    On my Opinion.. this is more like assassination practise and offensive attack.. I'm interested in self defense with a knife.. not assassinate human..

  5. adamunchy says:

    everybody in the comments on this vid are calling bullshit on each other: if you carry a knife you will end up dead, if you don't carry a knife you will end up dead. it comes down to personal preference

  6. TheLonsilog says:

    Hmmm… I'm a bit surprised to find this video in expertvillage.

    -This is not "using a knife for self-defense" but rather an offensive use of a knife.
    -It is not the lowering of your stance that allows you to reach Nick's neck, but the step forward to get to your lowered horse stance that closed the distance. It is not the science of the body, just plain math.
    -You lose closing distance with an orthodox stance and the knife in right hand. Best to use a non-orthodox stance (right leg lead) with right handed knife hold.
    -I would NOT switch my grip (personal preference), it increases the chances of losing the knife. If you ever need to pull out a knife for self defense, pick a grip and stick with it.
    -"You never want to stay still for too long." I hope your cardio is up to snuff. You sounded a bit winded after a dozen strikes (and not even full speed). Don't waste energy on non-essential moves. Best to use counter-strikes and conserve energy. Or work on your conditioning.

    At least the things that were done correctly were 1) protect the inside wrist on left hand, and 2) protect the neck.

  7. BennyCFD says:

    First off, somebody who "REALLY" knows how to use a knife will never show it until they have it in you and you'll never see it coming.   Second unless you're very trained and know what you're doing never ever get close enough to your attacker where they have a clean body shot to vital organs,  Three,  unless there is absolutely no place to run, never try to use a knife offensively or defensively.  Run and maybe you'll live through it.

  8. Patrick Hock says:

    Most people fail to understand the legal issues behind using a knife for self defense. A knife is viewed as a deadly weapon just like a gun. You better have a damn good reason for the court why you used it otherwise it's jail time for you. Deadly force is only legal to use if you feel your life was in immediate danger. Good luck proving that in court. Most of these "knife experts" will get you put in jail with the things they teach you. Look up the laws on the use of deadly force first. It's not so simple to just cut someone and say it was self defense in the eyes of the law. 

  9. Alex Dunsdon says:

    Either carry around a RPG (no one will see it) or carry a pocket knife (everyone will see it) so when someone try's mugging you you can just pull one out and they don't mess with you ever again……….. Not saying you should be a terrorist and carry a rpg around on your back

  10. Michael Loufus says:

    ya double edgers are bad ass but they're illegal in a lot of places. Smith and Wesson makes a mean combat knife that looks so much like a double edged blade but it's not. Got mine at sports authority for like 40 bucks.

  11. Conto says:

    As long as your hand is there any stab into that part of the body would injure you,but wouldn't kill you;meaning that you'd be still able to counter attack and,since considering his position,your opponent wouldn't be able to defend himself, kill him.For that reason,no decent opponent will even try to injure your hand meaning that the stance IS about not getting stabed at all.It's like a country having nuclear weapons to defend itself,as long as it has them nobody will attack it.

  12. mausolos8 says:

    I have to disagree with some of what you say. With a few modifications and with room to move Tae Kwon Do is an excellent martial art for street defense. I agree with you that Ju Jitsu is even better than Tae Kwon Do in a more restricted environment. More than anything, fighting spirit, conditioning and keeping a cool head seem to count more than anything.

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