Using a Knife for Self-Defense : How to Defend Yourself with a Knife at Gunpoint

Learn how to defend yourself at gunpoint with expert tips and advice on knife fighting and self defense in this free video from our expert Tres Tew. Expert: Tres Tew Contact: www.christianmartiala…

34 thoughts on “Using a Knife for Self-Defense : How to Defend Yourself with a Knife at Gunpoint

  1. R. M. says:

    Very interesting movement, but, its not common that criminals put a gun right at the skin of your back. When something like that happens your tactic is very good, because you have a real notion from where is the enemy gun is and you can be very fast into taking the assaulant control and grabbing it in your hands. But what if thr enemy is at a distance of one meter from you and in front of you? Is there any chance of survival? I dont think so. Other thing that is very important in a hand to hand combat: aknowledging the phisical strenght of your enemy? Is he really big? If he is, I wold prefer not to resist. Other two thing I consider highly fundamental when you are being menaced with a knife: always stike your enemy fastly with a legitimate pepper spray, hold as much pepper spray into his eyes. I consider myself more secure with a pepper spray in my pocket than with a knife, because pepper sprays are very small, easy, fast to use, and they give an HORRIBLE sensation of pain to your enemy. He will instantlly become totally blind for more than half an hour(depends of the precision and amount of spray used on him), but he will start coughing with no stop, not only his eyes, but his face and throat will suffer an acid like burning sensation and the felling of pain will be so miserable that he would need to have a gun or be very hatefull towards you to strike you. And at this moment, hes totally blindness. Theres absolutelly no where near in the body of an agressor that, if hit, it can guarantee a almost instant unconsciois state to the enemy with 100% guarantee of death if a highly professional medic dont come to his aid in less than 5 minutes and that part is called the NECK!!! It reqiires pure cold blooded to hit an hostile agressor in the neck, but if ypur life os at stake, dont measure proportionality. Just blind the motherfucker (if his gun is a knifecor somethingcsimilar) and hit his neck at least one timr to rupture his carotid artillery. I have already seen someone dying like that. Its really impreasive how it kills so fast.

  2. Peter Lyu says:

    Truly, apart from watching this for entertainment, any self defense video that teach you to defend or even take down someone at gunpoint is useless, know that technique is mastered after years of drilling and practice, no-one simply learns by watching videos, when you are held at gun-point, do as what the gunner says, DO NOT ATTEMPT this move unless you want to get shot, which is likely fatal at point block range and targeted at your vulnerable back. Know this, no-one, except few bloodthirsty lunatics is out to kill( if they are out to kill they probably would've shot you the second they saw you), if the gunner wants your wallet or your watch hand it over, meanwhile talk soft and act calm, show that you have no intention to fight back, because most people are AFRAID when they are pointing a gun or a knife at you, thus they are nervous and will watch your every move. For the untrained, the best way to get out of this situation is to let him be. I know this may sound weak and cowardly, but your life is on the line, let the police do their job, then you'll confront him in court. However, if the man appear mentally unstable, or you feel your life is truly threatened and he may pull the trigger at anytime, run, still i wouldn't recommend all the fancy shoulder shrug, and hammer grip, not that it's useless, but for an average human you might be exposing yourself to more risk. Running is your best option.

  3. Dana Danone says:

    Thanks 🙂
    Maybe, after we spinned around and hand his/her wrist and without using a knife we can kick him/her on his/her ……you know, then after he/she fell to the ground we shall run away.

  4. Wesley Hawthorne says:

    I don't think grabbing the gun while disarming an attacker as opposed to grabbing his arm is a good idea because you could get your finger or your hand flesh stuck in the slide if it goes off.

  5. sassyblondel says:

    Good job demonstrating the technique Tres. When teaching break it down step by step, Take your time to show ever step then show several times fast and slow. There is always a "what if" don't listen to the haters just say "I will show the counter moves after you learn the technique".

  6. ch bu says:

    And so you are going to have time to pull out a knife (convenient to have it strapped to you in a holster) and stab him instead of just punching him?

  7. Ynlay says:

    yeah i would personally never touch the prefer grab the wrist and knife him in the chest or somewhere near the throat…(not called self defense since you are pretty much killing the other guy….but whatever xD jk)

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