Use a Knife and Go To JAIL!!

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46 thoughts on “Use a Knife and Go To JAIL!!

  1. Chauncy C Menz says:

    One Cold Steel AK Field Knife. One Cold Steel Spartan. One CRKT MINIMALIST neck knife. confiscated – 2015…. Living a 3rd shift life… hiking alone, coming home at 3am on sidewalk – jailed. Knowingly carrying concealed deadly weapons. so Jailed for a day, tack on 500$ fine, take the knives, and tack on a misdemeanor. Glad my love of cutlery paid off…. reformed….pfft. screwed more like it

  2. Bubbles says:

    good video Billy I hope to see more
    a bit of constructive criticism from watching a few of your videos, take some time with the editing
    theres a few too many pauses and you cut yourself off in the middle of the word in an earlier video lol

  3. swaghauler says:

    Great video sir. Keep up the good work.

    You definitely need to check out your state laws when carrying a knife. In PA where I live, you can generally carry a folding knife without issue, unless it opens "automatically," or is a "butterfly" knife (then it's a "Prohibited Offensive Weapon") . Philly and Pittsburgh may give you legal grief IF the knife is longer than 3.5" in BLADE LENGTH but the state is somewhat vague on blade length. 4" seems acceptable in most rural areas (the standard length of most farmer's Buck knives). In this case, possession MAY be an issue (mostly in Class 1 cities, but Class 2 cities like Erie could be a problem too) but usually isn't. I was taught by my Academy instructor to place the blade against your hand and if the blade was NOT longer than the WIDTH OF YOUR PALM, it was "legal" for carry. I cannot, however, find any regulations in the Crimes Code to justify this methodology. I think it was started by Pittsburgh as a "field expedient" method of checking knives. The irony in this is I have worked with a couple of guys with "bear paws" and more than a few "petite" females. That makes measuring the knife by hand width somewhat "subjective" to me.

    If I cross the border into Ohio, the "edged weapon" debate becomes VERY questionable. Ohio has no state law regarding concealed knives and carrying even a box cutter can be construed by a police officer as carrying a "deadly weapon" IF THE KNIFE IS CONCEALED (knives may be openly carried in Ohio). The Ohio CCW does not help either. In PA, a "Firearm" has a unique legal definition that can include other weapon types. Our CCW allows you to carry a "Firearm." Therefore, one COULD argue in court that "Firearm" includes a certain weapon type according to Title 18. In Ohio, the CCW SPECIFIES a HANDGUN and no other weapon type is permitted under their CCW. To add to the confusion, each MUNICIPALITY is allowed to regulate the legal blade length of knives. One Municipality may allow a blade length NO LONGER than 1.5" while another allows a 4" blade. Just moving from one jurisdiction to another could be an issue for someone with a pocket knife.

    This is one area where I wish the state WOULD make a law. Establish ONE SET OF STANDARDS, STATE WIDE, and get rid of all the "uncertainty" about what is legal and what isn't in EACH MUNICIPALITY. If the law sucks, your only fighting to change ONE LAW (not dozens of different ones).

  4. ryanburbridge says:

    Ok ok I have to ask… Is there any drama with this guy? I mean this guy is too good. Quotes from actual stats. Talks clearly. Doesn't drop curse words every other second. This must be a setup!

  5. rezdog187 says:

    The weapon used in one's defense is irrelevant. Having been in the field of law for quite some time I can honestly say if it's justifiable the weapon used means nothing what gets people in trouble is they often go passed defense and become the aggressor. You can defend yourself to the point you become the aggressor. At least in my state.

  6. BRWaldo97 says:

    Great video BIlly, and it is awesome that instead of simply expounding like so many armchair experts on youtube you actually dug through the data, but justifiable homicide on the UCR is not the best measure for this. Only roughly one percent of all the police agencies in the country file reports of justified homicides that make their way to the FBI UCR. sources:

  7. John Bove says:

    This case is anecdotal and provides just one example of adjudicating the issue of self defense with an edged weapon, but it's an interesting example ( ( Synopsis: Jury gets it right and acquits college student of assault who was violently attacked by another much bigger student. Jury rejects (doesn't believe) the testimony of the "victim" and victim's friend who both claimed the victim was "defending," when he scuffled with the (much smaller) defendant who then stabbed him — with a knife his father gave to him specifically to carry for self defense. The article also suggests that for some reason the police were not thorough in investigating, as they would have determined that the defendant's and other unbiased eyewitness accounts were more reliable. Again, just one purely anecdotal example.

  8. GunFun11 says:

    Ironic, wasn't sure what the state law was for use of force with a knife in my state and wanted to know more.This is exactly why I am glad I attended a gun law seminar( they cover all legal weapons in the seminars) from U.S. Lawshield. Learning the how to separate the legal Fact from Fiction, understanding what to do if you use a legal weapon for self defense from Use Of Force Experts. I highly recommend attending one just to know more about what happens if you are put in that situation.

  9. lwonutube says:

    Billy – I appreciate the analysis and hard work. I've heard you reference the legal dangers of a fixed blade over a folding blade in many areas. I also worry about blade length of folders. I really like the "large" folders but worry about legality. Is that still an issue? I'd love to see a vid on how you approach the subject.

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