USA AMMO Shotgun: Combat Loading

Hoffner Shotgun Combat loading. Brian Hoffner has over 30 years of military and law enforcement experience, Brian, a Texas Master Peace Officer, is a senior …

43 thoughts on “USA AMMO Shotgun: Combat Loading

  1. Mica T says:

    I feel like with the style he is using the shotgun, he should be using a shell rack on the side of the shotgun, so his hand movement is only a few inches, not feet. Otherwise it seems like he should be taking the extra time to load 2 shells into the mag at once (twin load) and cycle the 1st one into the chamber. With that, he would have a 2nd round ready and is loading the weapon by the magazine, not the breach for when he then wishes to fully reload the weapon. Seems like bad muscle memory to go back and forth.

  2. Travis Early says:

    That's awsome !! No tactical garbage, just a plain Jane 870 and he can run it fast as hell!! that's a real shotgun operator.. Great video, wish I had the time and cash to train with that guy..

  3. JessSuave says:

    OMG that's freakin awesome. I have always had pistol grips on my pump shotguns, stocks are usually too big (I'm only 5'2") but thinking maybe put a youth stock on one and learning how to do this now. Way cool!

  4. Dale Carter says:

    Looks like a good technique. I am surprised that he did not point out rotating the gun counter-clockwise while reloading. Or did I miss that? Trying to learn this technique was very frustrating until I incorporated that bit of the procedure.

  5. BabeeBlueOnTheTown says:

    **That's awesome!! I would love to learn to be able to do that!! I thought I wanted a shotgun without a stock…but after purchasing my Mossberg and shooting it for the first time, I quickly realized I needed a stock!! I am certainly gonna practice this..would also love to meet you on the range for training!! Thanks for sharing:))

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