USA AMMO Shotgun: 10-Shot Drill

Brian Hoffner Shotgun: 10-Shot Drill With over 30 years of military and law enforcement experience, Brian, a Texas Master Peace Officer, is a senior firearms …

22 thoughts on “USA AMMO Shotgun: 10-Shot Drill

  1. MasterTemplar31 says:

    Jojo, in my Benelli M2 I have to press the bolt release, same goes for the mossberg spx, and I can assume that the rest of the semi autos operate the same way, but yes it would be faster to just sweep back on the charging handle if it were to work that way

  2. Rick Rabies says:

    @TheShaun277 violence of action and combat swiftness is usualy 2 dif things and trying to mix the 2 will make your body do 2 dif things at the same time. training will blend the two.
    youtube isreali special forces. they have it down pat…

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