USA AMMO Handgun Safety

Brian Hoffner Handgun Safety Demo. With over 30 years of military and law enforcement experience, Brian, a Texas Master Peace Officer, is a senior firearms …

3 thoughts on “USA AMMO Handgun Safety

  1. FullAuto2008 says:

    The best safety advise is: NOT TO BUY USAAMMO.COM's DEFECTIVE AMMO!! They lie and are frauds. Google them and find out how many guns have blown up as a result of USAAMMO.COM!! They stole over 200 bucks and almost killed me with their shit product. Fed. Trade Commission complaint as been filed and will contact the BATFE next. Pricks at USAAMMO.COM.

  2. Jimmy C. says:

    Brian, did I meet you when providing my officer safety and survival training in Houston (at the time I would have either been out of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center(FLETC) or on my own as president if "Strategies for Officer Survival", Inc. (SOS). I was there several time in the mid to late 90s. Thanks (and nice refresher video). Jim

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