25 thoughts on “Us Marines VS Navy Sailors Fight And Drunks

  1. xxsekoxx says:

    The guy in the wife beater is a pussy ass fool! He beats is wife and is father beat him as a child. Inside he is nothing but a coward! I would fight him with my arm tied behind my back.

  2. WHY70122 says:

    What a fucking disgrace, I've always thought this kind of shit would only happen in the armed forces in some other countries. I lose all my respect for the Marines. You can see some of the guys are not happy about what's going on but they don't want to speak up or dare not to speak up for the guy. Embarrassing! 4 fucking idiots jump on one of their fellow marines. Go home kiss some pussy you fucking pussies. You are wasting my tax money.

  3. John Ahn says:

    It is not their fault. it happens everywhere among the enlisted but shit, why the fuck don't their lieutenant or any major control theses boys? their leader should've intervened them.

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