US MARINE: Stop Perpetuating AR15 Myths!

This video is intended for educational & entertainment purposes only. ** Will gripping the magazine well cause a stoppage? Will resting the mag on the ground while shooting prone cause…

44 thoughts on “US MARINE: Stop Perpetuating AR15 Myths!

  1. 1337penguinman says:

    As a Navy instructor I used to train my guys to monopod on the mag. I've never had any issues with it. It's there, use it. Modern anti tilt followers prevent 99.9% of issues that might arise from that. There's no reason to be in the prone and not supporting your weapon. I strongly disagree with any serious training in the prone unsupported position.

  2. Young Grizzly says:

    Took a quick rifle class at my local range from a former service man and He taught me to hold at the mag well. He said that it made mag exchanges quicker and for him allowed for better control. But he said you have to test and find your best placement and train with that until it feels like second nature.

  3. T.Ryder727 says:

    I was watching an old basic training video for the army. The whole mag well grip was because of barrel harmonics. The barrel flexes slightly when fired. Being that the hand guards used by the army aren't free floating, it would effect follow up shots. Most guns today are free floated..

  4. questtrinity says:

    This guy talks a big game then he starts talking about the Vietnam issues. He clearly had no clue what he was talking about or what caused the the issues in Vietnam. Go pick up a book rather than spread miss truth in a video about not spreading miss truths.

  5. ChipMarine says:

    I don't care what you say……the original M-16 was a piece of trash in Vietnam. I know,
    I was a combat Marine in Vietnam in 1968 during the TET offensive. 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Div. stationed in Northern I Corps around CaLu and Khe-Sanh. I used a captured
    AK-47 and I came home !

  6. Gungriffen says:

    What he said at the end reminds me of the rumor that if you fire a Beretta to much the slide will separate and fly back at you.

    This only happened twice in the late 80's due to extended use of ++P rounds and aftwards the gun was even modified to stop that. You will still be warned about it today though.

  7. Fred Weller says:

    I used the M16A1 and A2 back in the day. Good, reliable tactical weapon for unit operations using suppression and maneuver. However, the 5.56 is unreliable as a one-shot man-stopper.
    Since I'm no longer in an Infantry unit, I use a larger caliber rifle. The biggest AR myth is that it is a suitable personal defence platform. Maybe if you mount the toad-sticker M7 bayonet.

  8. NapoleAn3 says:

    Say I got a 20-year old AR-18 clone with a 20-year old magazine, will I be able to shoot with my mag resting on the ground and still have it run perfectly smooth?

  9. lucian kristov says:

    shit I would rather have a 10/22 Ruger then a fuckin AR in combat those guns where junk over seas …and it just tickled abu .when you hear the report of ak fire and see the impact hits …you see the power look down and see your Daisy bb rider and suddenly you feel insecure .will it jam up .will it kill them did I lube the bolt up is my mag legit is there debris in the flutes …yeah not a good feeling

  10. oldgysgt says:

    I was the Training NOC for an artillery battalion for a number of years, and the only jamming we had at the range was traced to dirty ammo. If you drop a round on the deck, CLEAN it before putting in the magazine. We went through hundreds of thousands of rounds, and found the M16A1 to be a VERY reliable and accurate rifle. Don't take the word of some "want-a-be" at a gun show or on-line, ask a professional; a Marine!

  11. forge52100 says:

    I know the AR and M16 is a different animal now, but I still don't fully trust them. I was issued A2's and had way too many jams and malfunctions with different rifles over the years. Nothing as bad as the first gen M16's, but bad enough to never fully trust the platform. But then you need to know how to clear a jam or malfunction on any weapon, including the vaunted Glock, because they all can fail, and normally at the worst possible time. As for the resting on the mag, I could see it causing problems with a worn rifle and or worn mag that should have been replaced, but in one that's in good shape it wouldn't be a problem. Of course a lot of myths got thrown around by instructors, including that our M16's were made by mattel even though they said Colt on the side.

  12. mrq1701 says:

    I went to Army basic training in January of '97. It was drilled into us to not rest the magazine on the ground or on any object. We were taught it would increase the likelihood of a misfeed. Were my drill sergeants wrong, or have thing improved since then? Could it have been a problem for the old metal magazines?

  13. Rix Pix says:

    just get a manual or quality how to book (not one written by Sweeney) and practice taking your rifle apart, reassemble, clean it, etc as well as shooting it in defense mode, low light, on the run, all positions etc. no matter what rifle platform you own. it's a tool. you don't fire up a power saw or cutting torch without first learning how to use it. same with a firearm. Think folks! Stop wasting your, and everyone else's time posting stuff about a $5-2000 rifle when you haven't even taken the time to learn how to use and maintain it. For fks sake. ..THINK! We'll be back after these meesages…..

  14. wigon says:

    A lot of the malfunctions of the M16's in the military had more to do with old magazines that were crapping out after decades of heavy use. I know that in my old reserve unit, in almost a decade of service with that unit, I never once saw them receive a fresh supply of rifle magazines. I wouldn't have been surprised if some of our magazines (which included the old 20 round magazines) dated back to the Vietnam era as some of our vehicles did.
    At any rate, aside from the magazine issue, leaving too much CLP on the rifle tended to allow dirt to gunk up in the weapon as well which could cause issues. But other than that, the Colt A1's and A2's that I used in the Army back in the ol' days were generally decent rifles and very accurate. So aside from crap magazines back then, I really liked the rifles.

  15. Jim Parks says:

    Things I found out about AR/M16/M4 1.Never try to get a better hold using the sling. 2. To use any kind of bipod, you MUST rezero. 3. Sight it in how you plan to shoot it…do not use convenient items like sand bags, walls, doors etc for support and…4. 556 is not a kill all round or a death ray, it's a varmint cartridge do not expect wonders from it.

  16. Clifton Craddock says:

    Recoil happens in the buffer tube during the "recoil" of the buffer spring (weird how that works out right?). Muzzle climb happens at the muzzle of the gun. I cannot fathom why people say to control recoil at the end of the gun. Get a proper should stock and stop worrying about the muzzle climb from a .22 cal round.

  17. augest west says:

    Yea, Being issued a M-16-A2 in boot camp was not the happiest day I had. It was 1982 an all around the base there were huge wooden signs on how to unjam your weapon! It was like telling us that "HEY, HERE'S YOUR WEAPON! IT DOESN'T WORK VERY WELL AND CAN GET YOU KILLED BUY IT'S WHAT YOUR GETTING SO LEARN HOW TO STAY ALIVE BY LEARNING HOW TO KEEP YOUR WEAPON FROM JAMMING!" Right….I bought my first carbine after my stint with the ARMY and it was a MINI 14 made by Ruger and I loved it. I had to sell all my guns due to losing a job while living in Boca Raton where I was making really good money and buying a lot of toys ya know…S&W, Ruger's, Kahr, Keltec, All kinds of goodies. I was given a brand new AR-15 made by Windham, So far I only put about 120 down the tube being there are no good public ranges around me but a 60 mile or more drive. I have to say I still miss my MINI 14 and think that Garand style rifles are much better for accuracy, Not jamming and blow back or recoil. The AR series of rifles seem to pull left while firing unlike the Garand's which seem to stay more on point.

  18. RJ Lee says:

    While exaggerated there is some truth to the "myths".
    In US military trails the M16/M4 consistently has shown the highest number of stoppages relative to competing designs, no denying that. And if you look at combat footage from folks in Iraq and Afghanistan you do see the occasional stoppage as well.
    The gun does have problems and its not perfect. Is it as bad as some make it out to be? No, of course not, at least quality ones (though there are utter shit ones too). At the end of the day direct impingement doesnt get used much for a reason, there are inherent problems with the system in general.
    The ever ongoing functional improvements are themselves also evidence that the gun is far from being on the top. No gun ever has seen so many changes for the sake of improving function as this one, and they are still ongoing. If it would be working perfectly you wouldnt need 40+ patented changes for just the magazine (hundreds for the gun as a whole), which people still dont like and its still underperforming when compared to competing designs (as shown by the US military trails).
    I dont see what the problem is with admitting that the gun does have problems, in particular as a dude-in-the-shit kind of gun for the military. There is plenty of evidence for that, first of all from the military itself.

  19. Steve P. says:

    I think I read that holding the magazine on the MP40 during WWII caused issues with that particular gun and people (including myself, admittedly) have just extrapolated that to all guns (and maybe the AR in particular because of those other early issues). but cool, today I learned something.

  20. garthenar says:

    Stoner made a solid design. The government cheapened it up before puting it into service. Though I have noticed with modern civilian Ar's there is a problem with out of the box reliability and the reliability of replacement parts. Untill you purchase high end.

  21. kain hall says:

    he is kinda right about the Vietnam era m16….the ammo POWDER changed from testing/certifications to field use…
    this caused the gun to be under gassed (iirc)….which, of course, causes problems.

    but for off hand knowledge….damn close, good enough.

    i dont own an AR 15…..up in montana, i dont fear for my life…..and 223 isnt REALLY enough to kill a deer up here (montana deer are BIG fuckers)

    243 is about the min id!!! go out hunting with……i personally shoot 30-06, 308, and 7.62x54R at deer…
    because im not the best shot, and need the 30cal to do the damage….

    you can kill an elephant with a 223…ya just have to be a better shot than i am….

  22. John Stewman says:

    To anyone that hasn't been standing there when a weapon fails, they design handguards for a reason, to work around the failure points. I've seen an AR shatter while fireing and not put a scratch on the guy holding on the hand guard. I've also seen the ripped open palm of the guy that was cupping the magwell. Failures happen on any platform of you push it hard enough, or if you are just unlucky.

  23. bill durning says:

    from experience–when I was in air force in mountain home Idaho(a dusty desert like environment) I ha an AK and an AR–I found the AR would go through maybe 2-3 mags before the rifle would not shoot-I would have to keep playing with it and fuckin around with it-it always nedded to be cleaned—the AK—out of the many times I shot-never gave me a problem–just my experience—by the way this was a colt AR-15 while the AK was a romar

  24. 50 Caliber says:

    When I was in the Marines the m16a2 was a piece of shit. Made for little girls to shoot on a rifle range, at targets. So sorry,I'll stick with my Ak. I need a gun that actually will operate in adverse environments.

  25. Robert Zeurunkl says:

    Was gonna reply to your claim about recoil at 0:20, that you use hand-over to help control recoil. AR has no recoil to speak of. Anyone need help dealing with the recoil of an AR 15 needs to not shoot ANY guns.

    However, on second listen, you are actually talking about "the jump", presumably meaning muzzle rise. THEN it all made perfect sense. Your "hand over" stance works as a "recoil jump damper", which it certainly does. That's actually pretty brilliant. That hand out there on the barrel gives it extra inertial resistance again recoil muzzle rise.


  26. Omniscient Presence says:

    according to a forensic scientist. Who published a book on the Kennedy assassination. The only unproven weapon on the ground at the time was an M16. and when that secret service agent heard Lee Harvey Oswald shots. He jumped up with the M16 and it had a cock off. I believe this is a possibility because my POS M16 did the same thing at brm. I would believe this is a more probable event, given the characteristics of the M16 round. its no coincidence that the head of the secret service at the time was George Bush. the only guy to testify he did not know where he was the day Kennedy was assassinated. all these great stories about how all these weapons shoot so true. and a piece of crap changes history. and I'm not talking about Lee Harvey's rifle.

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