US and Philippine Marines do crazy knife and sword training



Foreigner Reacts to: US and Philippine Marines do crazy knife and sword training HELP ME REACH 200000 SUBSCRIBERS Thank you Thanks for watching, …

35 thoughts on “US and Philippine Marines do crazy knife and sword training

  1. itsKEVO says:

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  2. Leila Macaraeg says:

    In our country( Philippines) there's what we called "C.A.T" or Citizen Advancement Training . In C.A.T they trained us how to use sword. And also they trained us to stand and be like an army

  3. Jhun Almero says:

    Jason Bourne and taken movie martial arts was kali or Filipino martial arts. It's being use by U. S. Today…. That's how deadly and effective Filipino martial arts is.

  4. Scout Black Panther says:

    COMBAT KALI originated from the Filipino Martial Artist but it is one of the most deadly close-in mano-to-mano worst case scenario fighting just to save your life…there is a simple techniques for that thing if you can only master it.. but again it’s just a matter of time and timing…

  5. BountyPertxa says:

    The Philippines cadets that are training they walk for days and sometimes they eat a banana with the skin on. My cousin is learning to eat a big fruit with the skin on, they're high ranks are so strict that the cadets sometimes cry when they stand for to long or have intense trainings.

  6. Dream Cardigan says:

    You know, I read somewhere (written by an old American) that he saw an elderly Filipino man cut open a guy who attacked him through his stomach up with his butterfly knife (balisong) like he was gutting a fish. He said it happened in a ghetto and the old man was just defending himself, but the American who wrote the anecdote admitted he would never wish for that to happen to anyone and swore to never mess with a Filipino for their ruthlessness.

  7. Louise Valdez says:

    Kevo we as pilipino smile and freindly but we have a tribe blood line since we existed means we have a blood line of a hunters and survival instinct now the basic they teach with a knife is you to know to defend and offense at the same time know how to dodge and attack at the same time with two sword see how he swing twice its movement in different slice its motto is attack and defense at the same time american has advance knowledge of gudgets but in survival usually we teach them in jungle and how to swing and used knife since http://www…..its a practice of our ancestors as a headhunters and bird dancers of our tribe its a martial arts that it so dangerous they cannot compete on public society or cannot shown in that is why our practices have been hidden for years until now I'm not against in the other martial arts we are fan of them I just talk to our culture of our ancestor as a warriors….

  8. kimberly nietes says:

    In fma "filipino martial arts" you can learn disarming technique, knife technique, tapi-tapi "hand to hand", locking techniques, it is good to learn fma near you because if you want to protect the ones you love. You have the instinct of protecting your love ones.

  9. Rinkatsi TV says:

    That's fma or filipino martial arts which consists of hand fighting, knife, sword, and stick for tournament. There's a lot of name for filipino martial arts. One of them is kali and the commonly known is arnis but to put all of the name they call it fma

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