Urban Survival Tip: Stop Making Home Invasions Easy!

This is an urban survival tip where I discuss an easy way to make it more difficult for a home invader to gain access to your house. Following this quick tip will …

27 thoughts on “Urban Survival Tip: Stop Making Home Invasions Easy!

  1. awesome321 says:

    so true great idea some people now have remotes for house alarms they leave in their vehicles with address off the registration or a bill they can open your garage door and enter at will! please be aware!

  2. Logic Bob says:

    This is a great tip. My parents were the victims of this tactic years ago. A few other bits of useful info, many garage door opener units have a "lock out" feature, accessible from the wall control inside the garage, which disables the garage door remotes. Great if you park outside overnight. Also, be especially aware of leaving your garage door remote in your car if you park at a ride-sharing lot or park and ride. The dirt bags know you'll be gone all day and you left them a key to your house! How will they know where you live? If you have a GPS in your car, is your house programmed in as "home"? Use the address of the corner store instead! You know how to get home from there. How about, is your registration, with your home address on it, or any other papers, in your glovebox? Remove old mail and receipts that have your address on them from your car and cut your address out of your registration card (its the only way to ensure it can't be read). Even if you don't leave your garage door remote in your car (get a small one to put on your key ring!), the bad guys still know you will be gone all day and they can get in some other way. Even if you're just at the movies, a restaurant on a busy night, or even at work or school they know they'll have plenty of time to clean out your house!

  3. Dwealdric says:

    My garage door opener is hidden under the padding on my Jeep roll cage.  The padding simply zips open/closed, and this method doesn't interfere with the performance of the system at all.  Also requires no continuous or repetitive tasks which the average user will eventually abandon.  I simply press the button through the padding.

    A couple of additional tips for home security:  A fake audible alarm system sticker.  Criminals usually take the path of least resistance.  Why break into a house with the risk of an alarm, if the house next door doesn't have one?

    Also, change the locks on your doors.  No, any door lock will not do.  When I got my my lockpicks, I could rake open the door to my house in under one minute… the day I started lock picking.  This is not after years of practice, and it is using literally the most simple lock picking "technique" available.  Anyone can do it, and it's not hard.  Every time I show someone this, they are SHOCKED to find out how easily their security has been compromised.  If you can find one, get a door lock that advertised "grooved", "spool" or "mushroom" pins, as these make lockpicking exponentially more difficult.

  4. Ron Larimer says:

    I don't understand why a car would be parked outside with the garage door opener in it unless they were home?  I understand multiple vehicles and being short on garage space but why would a car being left outside need a garage door opener anyway?

  5. krazy45cat says:

    Great tip .My door is connected to my alarm system , plus my lab and cat are on guardas well . Have you seen how  easy it is to release the garage door from the track with a coat hanger from the outside ?

  6. SurvivalSuppliesPlus.com says:

    Great Advice…and great video….Most people and even preppers don't realize how easy of a target they are.  One of our top 5 prepping / bugging out tips is to make sure your are as invisible as possible.  That applies to bugging out in the form of  not leaving trails or letting to many people know you are prepping.  The easiest way to avoid a trail is to not  leave garbage behind or leave it with a path to where you are going.  The other form of staying invisible if you plan on staying in your home or your bug out location.  Make sure to load and unload supplies either at night or a little at a time to remain inconspicuous.  We all like to grow our community but becareful of who talk to and reveal prepping too.  Remember the more people know about you and your prepper the more people are likely to visit you for your hard earned supplies during a SHTF scenario.   You need to be sufficently preppared with supplies as well.   For more information on prepping visit http://www.SurvivalSuppliesPlus.com for our Winter Sale gong on now.

  7. KILLKING110 says:

    my house has a locking screen and 2 locks on the doors themselves for every outside door in the house and the house is an older house so the garage is separated from the house  

  8. TheBlackB0X says:

    Thanks for the video JJ! I also prevent home invasions by hooking an electric fire starter to the front door knob, laying out all my micromachines near the window, and I also have heavy paint cans tied to ropes on my staircase.

  9. GeeDub says:

    Another good tip is to make sure you program your opener with a different code other than the one that came with the opener. A local news crew did a report on easy break ins through the garage. They went to the local hardware store and bought four remotes, drove down the street and opened a few garage doors with the openers they bought. (Burglars, please don't read this, thanks!) 

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