UPLULA MAGAZINE LOADER | Load magazines fast!



The upLULA is a great addition to your range bag! Whether you want to prevent a broken nail, or need a little assistance getting those last couple rounds into a …

20 thoughts on “UPLULA MAGAZINE LOADER | Load magazines fast!

  1. TAVAAR7 says:

    Havent tried any maglula yet, but I have used and like the ones from ETS for both pistol and rifle. Only issue is theres a little stickiness when using polymer mags and steel cased ammo. Typically I like hand loading for finger strength, but man are the ETS fast for loading rounds right off the ammo trays if you're doing a lot of firing.

  2. Theresa Delgadillo says:

    I've been shooting at the range, just purchased my first handgun. I would love to see a video about ammo. What you carry for concealed. What you use at the range. What are the grains? (Is that a thing?lol)

  3. Black Bart says:

    I’ve had mine for a couple of years and love it! I usually don’t use it on the single stackers but on the 15-20 round double stacks for sure! Only issue I have ever had was I keep hitting the lock tab on it. Other than that a great product! Looking very pretty as always there lady! Thank you for your time and efforts!

  4. Michele Cruz says:

    I'm a new subscriber and I'm completely addicted to your channel. I just got started in this lifestyle and you've become my favorite person to watch. Please please please make more content! Even some more fashion videos showing off how to conceal with style. ❤️

  5. Krash_FPV says:

    I have one of those it’s works best on my double stack 45 ACP but I can’t really use it on 380 single stack. Not that it matters, the 380 mags are easy to load quickly by hand, the Glock double stack 45 mags will tear up you thumbs pretty quick so this is a great tool.

  6. David Griffiths says:

    Yes, another good topic for the new shooter! I have been using the upLULA for 4+ years every time I go to the range, almost weekly. I find that it works great on double stack mags however I have a difficult time keeping the thing centered on 45 single stack mags, so I wind up hand loading them. Other topic suggestions: ear pro, shooting gloves, range etiquette in general as well as a females perspective, reloading…

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