Until Life Becomes Death: A Meditation by Paul Ingram

Discover more at UNTIL LIFE BECOMES DEATH – A Meditation By Paul Ingram This is my dojo. Where the conditions are always …

20 thoughts on “Until Life Becomes Death: A Meditation by Paul Ingram

  1. James Devine says:

    Something I have struggled with recently I believe is because I have so much time with people and giving to people and fight against those that reject my vision of myself. I need to start getting back to being own my a little more in my training. Sorry a little personal ramble. Thank you as always Guro Paul for sharing your insights always thought provoking

  2. Blade Kult says:

    Very nice Paul, KCU's and your evolution continues to grow. I had a very similar training session today in the woods, and yes, we are weirdos, but what passes for normal now days is…weak & sickening.

  3. ScarriorIII says:

    I don't fear where I'm going when I die, I already know where, I just fear that I'll have wasted my life and have nothing to show for it when I get there. That I'll have eternity to consider how little I did.

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