United Cutlery Honshu Tanto Knife – $36.99

An everyday carry this massive blade is not, but it’s a great blade for self-defense or even hog hunting. It’s gigantic 10…

18 thoughts on “United Cutlery Honshu Tanto Knife – $36.99

  1. Chas No says:

    He is not kidding. Should feel awful in the hand, with that reverse taper on the handle, but that's how your hand works, and it feels great. Very grippy. The blade has some weight to it, so it can can cut on the slash. The leather sheath is no POS – it has 3 solid rivets that attach the loop to the sheath. The snap that retains the blade is so well done that I have no problem carrying it upside down across my chest. I use a 72" bootlace to sling it. Very quickly accessible like that, and I can sleep with it on too, with no problem. I have the totally black version. For dark and scary nights, it can't be beat. Your hand rises silently to it, and you are one thumb snap away from being armed. I have lots of knives, but none of them want to get into my hand and defend me like this one. It's a cross between a short sword and a long knife. Once it's in your hand, it's all up to you, but it will do its part, and it feels good. Makes a KABAR feel short and clumsy.

  2. MrTom says:

    I would buy all of my blades from BudK, but the main thing that stops me, is their over priced "shipping charges" They are "so" expensive! Even small pocket knifes are like $10 to ship. I do love their knives… but even on Amazon, other manufactures I can get the same knife patterns with "2 day free shipping". But it is always $10+ more for BudK knives.

  3. Prepare Learn Survive! says:

    I agree and I do buy and own "high end" items but that dosen't mean a common man knife, made cheaply but well, isn't useful. At the very lest you can train with this BUDK knife before buying your next Cold Steel Katana.

  4. starling cavern says:

    I have had the chance to hold this blade and I must say I loved it. Though I am not used to rubber handles this one actually felt comfortable in my hand, unfortunately I was not able to buy it due to the fact that the dealer I went to wanted $75 for the damn thing.

  5. blackforestghost1 says:

    First,I think,it´s a good thing,that you show some action with knives,BUT unfortunately these tests,like stabbing tires or cutting water bottles doesn´t proof anything about the toughness of a blade – you also could do these tests with some "Decoration-knives",too. 😉

  6. Prepare Learn Survive! says:

    Look, if viewers have the money or only "high end blades," then way even view this channel? You don't need a $200 plus knife to have as a back up defense or camp, truck knife! Sometimes its good to have a sturdy blade you're not worried to trash a little, so why the hate?

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