“Undercover Assailants” (Gracie Women Empowered DVD Sample Clip)

Women Empowered is the official Gracie self-defense program for women. Originally, this 15-lesson program could only be accessed at the Gracie Academy in …

24 thoughts on ““Undercover Assailants” (Gracie Women Empowered DVD Sample Clip)

  1. GracieAcademy says:

    Learning the moves with a partner is the best way to learn how to execute them reflexively, especially when you have to react quickly. However, if you don't have anyone to practice with, it's still valuable to simply watch the lessons, so you can at least mentally learn the techniques in case you're ever attacked.

  2. Akashrox says:

    i was sexually abused by my father for 12 years so this really hit home, i started karate to defend myself. and since then i hold my head up high and am not afraid anymore

  3. dirtyminded604 says:

    Great video, and very educational. However, the only thing i noticed was Rener and Eve kept referring to the supposed assailant as "he" instead of he or she. Obviously sexual assaults against males, are in the minority of cases, Yet they do occur. "He or she" would of been better phrased. Thanks.

  4. Krissy Krissanayuth says:

    I love that you invited your sister & female student to demo…I'm not a large woman and always felt that Jujitsu was out of my physical range. When I watch your videos, I feel more empowered…. I look forward to learning more. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this safety information.

  5. eugene chok says:

    i was on the jury of a rape care and have been very interested in this subject ! dsrsly considering getting these dvds… thinking of offering some sort of free class for women… was wondering if you guys have ever considered something like this post rape to help womens confidence? understadable when doing some of these things the trauma will return …. anyway love to speak to you guys about this !

  6. disturbed1316 says:

    @ValkyereHowie The course is VERY detailed. I had the priviledge to watch the course in person when my g/f and sister attended it at the Gracie Academy in Torrance, CA. Unlike other women self defense courses, the Women Empowered course does not rely on stirkes that have the potential to miss the target and it sure does not rely on power and strength. Anybody of any size can perform the techniques!

  7. Nola213 says:

    It's very interesting here, I find that the "Stranger" attacker likes you to fight back, from what I've gathered so far. While the "Known" attacker uses the path off least resistance. He doesn't seem to "get off" on the physical control, but more the mental.

    But when the barriers laid down are crossed the known attacker should be treated just like the stranger, with the techs. you've learned.

    The Verbal Jiu Jitsu here is clutch. I loved it in Bulley proof, but here, it's even more imp.

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