Uncensored: Kfir Itzhaki, Krav Maga expert, defeats a knife terrorist in Israel

Kfir Itzhaki, combat instructor and former operator in IDF’s elite counter-terrorism unit, neutralizes a knife terrorist in Israel. Kfir recieved a medal of honor and …

19 thoughts on “Uncensored: Kfir Itzhaki, Krav Maga expert, defeats a knife terrorist in Israel

  1. Martial Arts says:

    this was beautiful to see krav maga get some sort of acknowledgement of being effective since its usually percieved as an unorganized martial art for unskilled people …. Krav maga is one of the most beautiful combat arts i have ever stumbled upon , It encompasses all natural movements with principalities like agression or retzev for example which is great for taking out yout opponent. I do think that it should be also somewhat cRoss trained with other arts just in case the kravist (practioner) feels that he /she is lacking in any area such as ground fighting for example

  2. JuandelaCruz001 says:

    A former US DELTA Force guy was once asked what kind of men passed the rigorous standards to become part of that elite, Tier-1 level of operators (like the SEALS of the Navy). He simply said; "Sometimes it's not the best guy that makes it, it's the RIGHT guy that does"

  3. Ray Knutson says:

    Yes, truly a hero. Always best to use some object against a knife; whatever is handy, and mentally prepare yourself to survive after you get cut, just like he prepared himself. My instructor always told me that when you go up against a knife, you will get cut and so you must prepare yourself to keep fighting after that happens and make sure you finish the fight. I would hope that I could show the courage he does in the video.

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